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    Viking wars. Sweden and Denmark have a Twitter spat that the Vikings would be proud of

    Viking Showdown! Denmark and Sweden Go to War... On Twitter

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    Denmark's and Sweden's foreign ministries took part in a rather unexpected and bizarre fight with Sweden on Thursday (July 7). The weapons of choice were humorous words and the battlefield - Twitter.

    It all began in the early hours of Thursday morning, when Denmark re-tweeted one of Sweden's tweets, pointing out that Danes and Swedes had much in common:

    ​Not such a bad thing to have in common — to be honest — but unfortunately, Sweden didn't quite get Denmark's humorous tone and responded by pointing to their Nordic neighbor's size, as the first shots of the 'Scandinavian Twitter War' were fired.

    Denmark, refusing to let it go, shot fire back at Sweden by mocking their laws.

    ​​​Accusations started flying across the online table with both Nordic countries taking a swing at each other's language as well as "entertaining" situations, like that one time, when a Swedish policeman thought a drunken Swede was speaking Danish.

    ​And then bring in the alcohol and the cold hard Nordic truth that it's actually a lot cheaper to buy in Denmark than it is in Sweden:

    Then, enter the moose!

    ​They even brought out an article from Vice about how Denmark dominated the global sperm market.

    ​The Twitter rant between the two Nordic sides went on for quite some time with neither willing to back down. One thing's for certain, both Sweden and Denmark have come a long way since the Vikings, and "in the name of fun," this Twitter battle was staged by both sides, because in the words of Ferencz Thuroczy, Sweden's Social Media Manager, "the Internet needs a sense of humor… at our and Denmark's expense."


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