12:51 GMT19 January 2021
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    The tagline for UFO hunter Scott Waring's website is "the truth is within our grasp," and he believes that he's uncovered a truth so great that NASA are trying to suppress it.

    Waring and his UFO hunting compadres claim that video taken by the International Space Station shows a mysterious alien object hovering in low earth orbit. The website 'UFO Sightings Daily' argues that the shininess of the object is due to its metallic surface and that the footage provided is one of the best examples of a UFO captured by the space station in years.

    NASA however, have denied that the speck of light is anything extra-terrestrial.

    The explanation offered by the US space agency is far less exciting than that of UFO hunters, NASA insist that the mysterious object is nothing more than a reflection on the windows of the Space Station, something which is apparently quite common.

    The explanation given by NASA would explain why the supposed "UFO" remains entirely static throughout the recording, whilst the Earth spins below — almost as though it were a part of the Space Station itself. Despite this, Scott Waring isn't convinced:

    "It's funny that NASA decides to ignore all the thousands of UFOs on YouTube that have been recorded at the space station. I guess when your head's in the clouds, the public's opinion means nothing to you anymore. It may be time for the public to take over NASA and run it the right way."

    NASA is of course a branch of the US Federal Government, and so is technically already run by the public. Or is it? 


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