03:06 GMT +325 February 2017
    Moon Village, computer render by European Space Agency

    Out of This World: European Space Agency Sets Sights on Lunar Tourism

    © Photo: European Space Agency, ESA
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    The European Space Agency (ESA) has revealed plans to construct a ‘lunar village,’ allowing tourism on the Moon.

    The project, presented by Johann-Dietrich Wörner, ESA director general, will attract holidaymakers, as well as scientists, businesspeople and even miners working on lunar mineral extraction projects.

    According to the proposal, the base would likely be built on the moon's polar regions, areas thought to offer access to water and that have longer periods of sunlight.

    The journey would include significant risks, such as exposure to "solar radiation, micro-meteorites and extreme temperatures," ESA stated. Tourists would be able to live in regular clothing inside the station, but necessarily wear space suits when traversing the lunar surface.

    Wörner noted that early visitors of the base would likely be Russian citizens.

    The ESA suggested, however, that not only Russia, but other nations including China, India and Japan, will help to fund and build the village.


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      and what a target for terrorists! On the other hand, the europeans expect Russia, China, India and Japan to pay and build the european base???
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      As it was Russia's idea to go to the Moon instead of Mars, now their all going to the Moon. I suppose NATO will be there to keep an eye on the Russians.
      Russia shouldn't be too informative with their long range plans because the others don't seem to have any ideas of their own, apart from killing people in wars.
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      They can raise money doing low fly over charters of where the LEM and American flags would have been "if" they would have landed on the moon.
    • Anton KOMAROV
      Every year, we read about this fantastic plans, from europe, china, japan or Russia the question is when a solid decision will be reached and when will we really transform in a planetary civilisation!!!?
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      This article leaves out the most dangerous factor of the moon. That is the grey moon dust which is composed of tiny knife like particles of glass that forms from impacts. This material is so dangerous it can slice through space suits and render any kind of mechanical devices inoperable. The Chinese rover quit working it is thought due to this grey dust. It will invade any surface or seam or material. So until this hazard can be effectively dealt with do not expect any moon vacations in the near future.
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