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    Frost Away! Scientists Develop New Spray On Ice Repellent

    © AP Photo / Uwe Lein
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    A recent scientific discovery promises to make it easier to remove ice from a wide variety of surfaces.

    When ice gets stuck to a solid surface like glass or metal, it usually requires the considerable application of force to pry it off. However, due to a phenomenon called interfacial cavitation, removing ice from a softer and less dense rubbery material is much easier.

    The new ice repellant, developed at the University of Michigan, is a clear rubbery agent that can be sprayed on a wide range of surfaces, making ice literally slide off them, according to a study published in Science Advances journal.

    The coating has also proved to be very durable as it managed to withstand corrosion tests, peel tests, and temperature exposure tests in laboratory conditions.

    The new technology can be used for a number of commercial applications, such as repellents for aircraft, vehicle windshields and, for example frozen food packages.


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