10:26 GMT08 March 2021
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    A company in the Skolkovo Innovation Center made an artificial thyroid gland using a 3D printer, which was then successfully implanted into a live mouse, Skolkovo’s Vice President Kirill Kaem said.

    This is the first time an actual organ has been made using a 3D printer developed in Russia.

    "Our resident [the researcher company], is one of five companies in the world that developed a working 3D bio-printer and the first company to print a functioning organ [a thyroid gland] which was successfully transplanted to a mouse," Kaem told journalists.

    The company is planning to start printing other organs in the future, including kidneys and livers, and is currently working on selling bio-printers to companies interested in biological 3D-printing, Kaem said.

    Although the printing and implanting of a thyroid gland into a mouse was successful, there's still some time before companies could start printing human organs.

    "In terms of printing human organs… It will take a long time before it can happen in a pure form, "from scratch," it might occur no earlier than in 15 years," the Skolkovo Vice President added.    


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