06:10 GMT26 July 2021
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    Remember Robert Patrick's invincible T-1000 from Terminator: the Judgment Day and the magic polyalloy it was made of? NASA-supported scientists created a material capable of self-sealing after sustaining damage.

    Two layers of a solid polymer are separated with a liquid which plays the key role in the recovery process. When the integrity of one of the layers is breached, the liquid immediately reacts with oxygen from the air and solidifies in a matter of seconds, thus bridging the gap.  

    The footage demonstrates the material’s self-recovery after a bullet pierces it.

    The invention could potentially be used to protect mobile phones and cars, whereas NASA hopes to apply it as armor against space junk that may hit their spacecraft.

    Earlier, in 2014 IBM Research presented a polymer, almost entirely consisting of liquid, that can restore its integrity after being sliced into pieces.


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