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    AeroMobil 3.0

    Forget Driverless Cars: Flying Cars Coming Soon

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    A trailblazing Slovakian company unveiled more details regarding their new project - a flying car - at the South By Southwest conference this week.

    CEO of AeroMobil Juraj Vaculik confirmed that his team hopes to have the car on the market by 2017. 

    The Flying Roadster - a combo car and plane
    The Flying Roadster - a combo car and plane

    AeroMobil unveiled their prototype for the car/plane hybrid “AeroMobil 3.0,” also called the “Flying Roadster, in October.

    The AeroMobil 3.0 runs on gasoline and seats two. It can reach a top ground speed of 99 MPH and has a range of 545 miles. In the air, that goes up to 124 MPH with a range of 435 miles.

    It only needs about 650 feet of grass to take off, and 160 feet to land. 

    The company’s goal is providing efficient transportation for “medium distances,” or around 400 miles. 

    Vaculik conceded the product initially is intended for flight enthusiasts and the very wealthy. An Aeromobil representative told Popular Science that, though an exact market price has yet to be determined, it will likely sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Let's take a look inside with the hatch open.
    Let's take a look inside with the hatch open.

    But hang on to your checkbooks: AeroMobil still has a long way to go before they launch production. The company still needs to secure funding for mass production, and to get all certifications and regulations in order from the European Union. 

    For now, we may just have to wait till 2017 to get our hands on flying cars! 


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