• Last update: 18:04 15.08.2019
    18:04 15.08.2019

    Russian Direct Investment Fund CEO Welcomes Court's Decision to Release Baring Vostok Top Manager Delpal on House Arrest

    Philippe Delpal, a partner at the Baring Vostok private equity group, was arrested in February along with the company's founder, US national Michael Calvey, on suspicion of fraud.

  • Zhukovsky Airport. File photo
    Last update: 16:46 15.08.2019
    16:46 15.08.2019

    Press Briefing at Zhukovsky Airport After Plane Crash Lands (Video)

    The Simferopol-bound aircraft, carrying 226 passengers and seven crew members, was forced to make an emergency landing after being hit by a bird strike soon after taking off from Zhukovsky Airport near Moscow.

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin and Director of the Institute of Archaeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences Nikolai Makarov, right, visit a new archaeological excavation site at Moscow's Kremlin, Russia.
    Last update: 15:19 15.08.2019
    15:19 15.08.2019

    Unexploded Second World War Bomb Found in Moscow's Kremlin

    A bomb dating from the second world war was found in the Kremlin and later made safe before being taken away for disposal, according to the commandant of the Kremlin, Lieutenant General Sergei Khlebnikov.

  • Russia A321 Plane Accident
    Last update: 15:03 15.08.2019
    15:03 15.08.2019

    Watch Seagulls Strike A321 Plane Carrying 234 People Seconds Before Hard Landing

    A bird strike meant the Simferopol-bound aircraft, carrying 226 passengers and seven crew members, was forced to make an emergency landing soon after taking off from Zhukovsky Airport.

  • Last update: 14:55 15.08.2019
    14:55 15.08.2019

    Moscow City Court Releases Baring Vostok Top Manager Delpal on House Arrest

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - As Russian investigator and prosecutor upheld on Thursday the complaint of the defence of Philippe Delpal, a French banker charged with defrauding a Russian lender of almost $40 million, against his detention, the Moscow city court released the banker on house arrest, a Sputnik correspondent reported from the courtroom.

  • Last update: 13:23 15.08.2019
    13:23 15.08.2019

    Kremlin Hails as Heroes Pilots Who Carried Out A321 Emergency Landing

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The Kremlin considers pilots who performed a successful emergency landing of an A321 aircraft at a field near Moscow on Thursday morning to be heroes, they saved dozens of lives, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

  • Workers sit at the Huawei stand at the Mobile Expo in Bangkok, Thailand May 31, 2019
    Last update: 12:29 15.08.2019
    12:29 15.08.2019

    Huawei Plans to Offer Some 1,500 Jobs in Research Centers in Russia Over Next 6 Years

    MOSCOW, August 15 (Sputnik) - Chinese tech giant Huawei is set to hire more than 1,500 people for its research and development (R&D) centers in Russia over the next six years, the press service for the company's office in Russia said on Thursday.

  • Russia A321 Plane Accident
    Last update: 10:47 15.08.2019
    10:47 15.08.2019

    Aftermath of Ural Airlines Airbus A321 Hard Landing in Moscow Region

    Live video from the site of the Airbus A321 passenger plane's emergency landing in the Moscow region where 55 people, including 17 children, were injured in the incident.

  • Ural Airlines flight U6178 from Moscow to Simferopol made an emergency landing in corn field
    Last update: 06:43 15.08.2019
    06:43 15.08.2019

    Crimea-Bound Airbus A321 Makes Hard Emergency Landing at Moscow Region Airport, Passengers Evacuated

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - A Simferopol-bound Airbus A321 passenger jet with over 230 people on board made an emergency landing at Russia's Zhukovsky International Airport, a spokesperson from Russia's emergency services ministry said.

  • Bear
    Last update: 21:12 14.08.2019
    21:12 14.08.2019

    Burglar Bear Breaks Into Cemetery, Drags Away Recently Buried Body

    Bear sightings are not uncommon in Russia’s sparsely populated Far East. Earlier this week, local media reported that a man out searching for mushrooms was brutally beaten and killed just 500 metres outside a local village in Khabarovsk region.

  • Cyberattack
    Last update: 19:51 14.08.2019
    19:51 14.08.2019

    Crimea Repels Massive Cyberattack on E-Government Systems - Minister

    SIMFEROPOL (Sputnik) - Crimean authorities have repelled a massive SYN-flood cyberattack on the servers of their digital portal, Crimea's Minister of Internal Politics, Information and Communications Sergei Zyryanov said on Wednesday.

  • Tupolev Tu-160 strategic bomber
    Last update: 18:28 14.08.2019
    18:28 14.08.2019

    Russia Sends Two Nuclear-Capable Tu-160 ‘White Swan’ Bombers Close to US Border – Defence Ministry


    Tu-160 ‘White Swans’ were sent to the town of Anadyr in Chukotka as part of tactical drills which also involve Tu-95MS strategic bombers.

  • Blast at Ammo Depot in Achinsk, Russia
    Last update: 09:43 14.08.2019
    09:43 14.08.2019

    Number of Injured in Blasts at Ammo Depot in Russia's Achinsk Rises to 40 - Medics

    KRASNOYARSK, Russia (Sputnik) - The number of people injured in a series of explosions at an ammunition depot near the town of Achinsk in Russia's Krasnoyarsk Territory has increased to 40, a spokeswoman to the local healthcare authorities told Sputnik on Wednesday.

  • A Ministry for Emergency Situations Il-76TA Candid aircraft, one of the massive aircraft Russia uses to fight wildfires deep in the Russian wilderness.
    Last update: 03:43 14.08.2019
    03:43 14.08.2019

    Over 50 Wildfires Extinguished in Russia Over Past 24 Hours - Aerial Forest Protection Service

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Over 50 forest fires have been extinguished in Russia over the past day, the Aerial Forest Protection Service, a government agency charged with the management of forests, said.

  • Janna Rasskazova
    Last update: 22:17 13.08.2019
    22:17 13.08.2019

    Ex-Playboy Model Dies in Moscow Amid Speculations of Drug Abuse - Report

    Despite allegations that the girl’s death might have been caused by a drug overdose, her colleagues insisted that she wasn’t using any illicit substances.

  • Russian Consulate General in Lviv
    Last update: 20:11 13.08.2019
    20:11 13.08.2019

    Russia Expels Ukrainian Diplomat in Response to Kiev's Provocation

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - A diplomat from the Consulate General of Ukraine in St. Petersburg has been expelled from Russia as a reciprocal response to Kiev's actions against a Russian diplomat, which occurred in May, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday.

  • Judge's chair
    Last update: 19:48 13.08.2019
    19:48 13.08.2019

    Moscow City Court Obliges Election Commission to Register Opposition Candidate Mitrokhin

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The Moscow City Court cancelled the district election commission's decision to deny registration to opposition candidate Sergei Mitrokhin to run in the election to the Moscow City Duma and obliged the commission to register him as a candidate, the court stated.

  • In this photo taken on Monday, Aug. 5, 2019, a family watches explosions at a military ammunition depot near the city of Achinsk in eastern Siberia's Krasnoyarsk region, in Achinsk, Russia.  Russian officials say powerful explosions at a military depot in Siberia left 12 people injured and one missing and forced over 16,500 people to leave their homes.
    Last update: 17:36 13.08.2019
    17:36 13.08.2019

    Al Jazeera Uses Wrong Photo for Story on Nuke Incident in Northern Russia

    On Saturday, Russia's nuclear energy company Rosatom said that five of its employees had died in an explosion that happened during tests of a liquid-propellant rocket engine at a military site in Arkhangelsk Region on Thursday. The Russian Defence Ministry said that background radiation levels were normal following the explosion.

  •    An explosion at FSB building in Arkhangelsk
    Last update: 15:31 13.08.2019
    15:31 13.08.2019

    Russians Fully Protected From Radiation Missile Engine Explosion in Arkhangelsk - Kremlin

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, while commenting on possible radiation exposure following a missile engine explosion in Russia's Arkhangelsk Region, has said that people were fully protected.

  • Police securing an unauthorised  meeting in Moscow
    Last update: 13:52 13.08.2019
    13:52 13.08.2019

    Kremlin Calls Authorities' Use of Disproportionate Force at Rallies Inadmissible

    In late July, a number of pro-opposition candidates held rallies and called for acts of civil disobedience to protest them being barred from participating in the September 8 election after they failed to gather the needed amount of valid signatures of support.