18:50 GMT24 July 2021
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    The “Single Window” information system for exporters will become capable of receiving more than 30 new types of information from 11 federal authorities, the Russian Export Centre (REC) reported.

    A prototype of the system was developed by the REC in 2018 on the basis of a digital platform, and in November 2020, the system started commercial operation. Currently, more than 30 state and technical services aiming at the optimisation of the process of interaction between exporters and federal authorities are available.
    On Friday, the Russian government extended the list of pieces of information that the REC will be able to receive via the unified system of interagency electronic cooperation, providing it to exporters within the framework of the Single Window system. The measure is necessary for the issuance of authorisation documents for the export of goods.

    From now on, exporters will be able to obtain veterinary and phytosanitary certificates as well as certificates of origin and free sale. These documents are scheduled to be available on the "My Export" platform as early as 2021. At the same time, there is no need to provide necessary documents personally or interact with all the departments – it is enough to submit an application on a My Export account – the system will collect all the necessary information from the departments on its own.

    "While performing foreign trade activities, the exporter must prepare a series of authorisation documents, which may differ depending on the nature of the cargo. The process is obviously time-consuming. In order to get the authorisation documents, it is necessary to visit several agencies. The issuance of authorisation documents and licenses in digital form became one of the top priorities for the development of the ‘My Export’ platform“, REC Vice President Alexei Mikhailik said.

    According to him, the service for "Obtaining licenses for the export of selected goods", created with the participation of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, will be implemented on the platform. Within this framework, the REC will receive the permissions and conclusions required for licensing from three pilot agencies: the Federal Agency for Fishery, the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Usage, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

    Russian Export Center JSC (REC)
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