18:28 GMT23 January 2021
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    Once winter comes, bats usually fly to southern countries or hide in lofts, an expert says, adding that this year the bats might have failed to find a place for hibernation.

    A resident of the southern Russian town of Astrakhan has published a video which shows bats lying on the ground frozen. Some of the flying mammals showed no signs of life while others were alive but could not fly.

    According to local expert Vladimir Pankov, in cold weather bats usually hide under roofs or fly to warmer countries, but this time they might have failed to find a place where they could hibernate in comfort.

    The video has been viewed thousands of times and received many comments. Most of the viewers felt sympathy for the bats. One user said that he was ready to take the animals home. However, the author of the video wrote in the evening that the bats were no longer there.  

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