14:00 GMT29 October 2020
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    Valdai Discussion Club is a Moscow-based think tank that was established in 2004 and which aims to “form the global agenda and deliver a qualified and objective assessment of global political and economic issues”, according to its website.

    Marking the beginning of its annual XVII session, which is held as countries around the world continue to tackle the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Valdai Discussion Club has presented its new report titled History, To Be Continued: The Utopia of a Diverse World.

    The report's presentation, which kicked off in Moscow on 13 October, was attended by a number of prominent figures, including Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

    Describing the genre of their work as "utopia", the authors of the new report suggest that the world is on the brink of a new stage of development, as various institutions gradually become obsolete and pave the way to multilateral co-operation between nations, and even the most powerful countries cannot achieve dominance.

    The authors follow up on the ideas featured in another report released by the Valdai Club in May and titled Staying Sane in a Crumbling World which presented the club's experts' assessment of the situation that arose in the world in 2020 amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

    The participants of the discussion are going to broach a variety of poignant issues, such as what kind of world would mankind like to live in and how can people avoid descending into further savagery and war of all against all which alarmists predict.

    This year's session is being held in a mixed format, with participants from abroad being afforded the opportunity to take part in the event remotely.

    Established in 2004, the Valdai Discussion Club is a Moscow-based think tank that strives to deliver a "qualified and objective assessment of global political and economic issues”.

    In 2016, the club established its own award which has been presented since 2017 for "significant contribution to understanding and explaining changes and tendencies in global politics".

    The full list of participants and scheduled events can be found here.

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