18:27 GMT28 November 2020
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    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - Russian citizen Stanislav Lisov, who has been imprisoned on charges of cyber fraud, will leave the United States on Tuesday on an Aeroflot flight from New York, his lawyer Arkady Bukh told Sputnik.

    “We said goodbye at the airport, the plane should take off before 6:00 p.m. If there are no surprises by any services at the time of boarding, which happens rarely but it happens, then I hope that everything will be fine,” Bukh said.

    The lawyer said that thanks to joint efforts, Lisov had to spend only a few days in an immigration prison awaiting his deportation, although such wait could take months.

    According to Bukh, the deportation procedure implies that Lisov will remain in custody until he is transferred to the Russian authorities. Bukh also said he does not know whether a US law enforcement agent will fly with Lisov, as is usually the case with deportation after serving a sentence.

    “We agreed to get together, raise a toast ... for a normal return to our homeland,” Bukh said.

    The lawyer also praised the Russian embassy for doing a very good job coordinating matters.

    “We also got very lucky with the immigration officer - he is a very sane person, helped us, played along so Lisov is being deported as soon as possible,” Bukh said.

    In November, a US court sentenced Lisov to four years in prison, but said will factor in time he already served.

    Lisov pleaded guilty earlier to one charge against him of conspiracy to commit computer hacking.

    In 2017, the Spanish authorities detained Lisov in Barcelona and then extradited him to the United States.

    The US authorities said Lisov stole $855,000 by using malware and attempted to carry out illegal financial operations in the amount of $4.4 million.

    Lisov was also accused of illegally accessing data at financial institutions and selling the data on the black market.


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