14:57 GMT05 July 2020
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    The backlash from Moscow comes after the White House made a post on Twitter, stating that "America and Great Britain had victory over the Nazis", but failed to mention the Soviet Union and its part in the victory.

    The Russian Foreign Ministry stated on Sunday that it has to "hold a serious conversation" with US officials after the scandalous V-Day "congratulation" made by Washington.

    "All these attempts to distort the history of the victory over Nazism and the decisive contribution of our country to it and which do not stop in Washington even on the solemn days of the general celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Victory, are extremely appalling", the Russian Foreign Ministry said in an official statement.
    Great Patriotic War
    © Sputnik / Vladimir Grebnev
    Great Patriotic War
    "In this regard, we cannot ignore a comment posted by the White House on social networks in which the victory over Nazi Germany is attributed exclusively to 'America and Great Britain'. On the eve of this sacred day, American officials did not have the courage or desire to pay tribute to the undeniable role and colossally disproportionate sacrifices made by the Red Army and the Soviet people in the name of all humankind", the ministry stressed.

    Moscow also urged the US not to try to rewrite history, but commemorate the contribution of the Soviet Union regardless of any disputes Washington currently has with Russia.

    The message, which appalled many users in Russia and other countries, was not the only issue that arose regarding the Victory Day celebration. Numerous Facebook users complained that they were banned after posting a famous photo of Soviet soldiers raising the red banner on the Reichstag during the capture of Berlin.

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