05:12 GMT26 February 2021
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    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Russian President Vladimir Putin is considering the possibility of giving parliament the right to choose prime ministers instead of merely approving one appointed by the head of state.

    Putin recalled that in accordance with the Russian Constitution, the president receives the consent of the lower house of parliament and then appoints the prime minister and the cabinet members.

    "I propose changing the order of this, and entrusting the State Duma )the lower house) with not just approval functions but also with the function of choosing the candidate for prime minister," Putin said in his message to the Federal Assembly.

    According to the president, the lower house will then appoint the entire cabinet based on the prime minister's recommendations.

    "The president will be obliged to appoint them and will have no right to reject the candidates assigned by the parliament," Putin added.

    The president believes that these changes will increase the role and significance of the country's parliament, parliamentary parties, as well as the independence and responsibility of the prime minister and all cabinet members.

    "The president certainly should retain the right to determine the tasks and priorities of the government, as well as the right to oust the chairman of the government, his deputies and federal ministers, in the event that they fulfil their duties improperly, or in connection with a loss of confidence," Putin concluded.


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