15:24 GMT04 June 2020
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    Scientists at Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU), together with their colleagues from Novosibirsk and Mexico, have developed a drug based on silver nano-particles that will protect molluscs from deadly parasites. The development will minimise damage to oyster farms. The study results were published in Journal of Invertebrate Pathology.

    An international scientific group has developed drugs with unique properties and high bactericidal, antiviral and anti-fungal activity that work against many pathogenic microorganisms. This has been proven in their use treating many infectious diseases that affect humans and domestic animals.

    According to experts, the newly-developed medicine can be used to treat North American oysters. Scientists call a widespread parasite, Perkinsus marinus, deadly for molluscs.

    The researchers said that diseased oysters grow more slowly, and that their mantle shrinks and comes off the shell. This is fatal. Outbreaks have caused significant mortality among oysters and caused damage to oyster farms.

    According to the authors of the study, drugs with silver nano-particles can effectively combat this parasite.

    “Our study focuses on studying the toxicity of nano-silver medicines – it is proved that our drugs are non-toxic in therapeutic doses,” Alexei Pestryakov, professor at Chemical and Biomedical Technologies Research School of TPU, said.

    According to him, the authors used the most advanced technologies related to the production and stabilisation of nano-materials. Therefore, the practical significance of the study is very high for all countries supplying oysters to the world market (including Russia, China and Mexico).

    The scientists noted that until recently, there has been no effective drug for treating Perkinsosis. Currently, they continue to optimise the treatment of this disease, which is primarily an effective method of introducing drugs into the body.

    According to the researchers, the international team of scientist from Russia (TPU and Novosibirsk SPC Vector-Vita), Mexico (Centre for Nano-science and Nano-technology of the National Autonomous University of Mexico) and several other countries has been developing medical and veterinary drugs based on silver nano-particles for many years.

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