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    Breathtaking Golden Jellyfish Lake With 2 Mln Underwater Inhabitants

    Dozens of Stinging Jellyfish Wash Up on Shores in Southern Russia, Puzzling Beachgoers

    CC BY 2.0 / shankar s. / A Pacific Sea Nettle- stay away from this jellyfish
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    The mysterious appearance of the jellyfish on the shores of a local beach has caused widespread speculation about what may have caused their demise.

    An Instagram channel dedicated to news from the Krasnodar Region, which borders Crimea and the eastern Black Sea, has published a video showing the deadly aftermath of an even which saw jellyfish washing ashore on the beach near the town of Kuchugury, along the Sea of Azov.

    The video shows the large jellyfish, their bodies heavily damaged, lying on the sand, with beachgoers curiously observing the creatures.

    Some users suggested that the jellyfish may have somehow found their way into the Sea of Azov accidentally, but proved unable to adapt to their new habitat due to the sea’s low salinity content. Others insisted that they were killed by a storm.

    “A storm took place and they were thrown onto the shore after being slammed about by rocks. What else could have happened to them? No, of course I’m spouting nonsense, and in reality it was a sea monster from the depths who came up and killed all the jellyfish,” one user sarcastically joked.

    Others were disturbed by the ‘omen’, with one user joking that the jellyfish were a sign that “the end of the world is beginning.”

    Many others simply felt sorry for the sea creatures.


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