18:25 GMT12 August 2020
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    The "Kristall" TNT production factory was founded in 1953. It is part of the state-run corporation "Russian Technologies".

    A series of blasts occurred at the Kristall TNT factory in the town of Dzerzhinsk near Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, causing a fire. The blaze spread to engulf 1,200 square meters — 800 square meters on the territory of the plant and 400 square meters of a nearby forest. The fire has been contained. More than 400 emergency workers and over 50 fire trucks were involved in the operation.

    The number of people injured in the blasts stands at 82, the regional emergency service said. 

    A spokesperson for the "Kristall" plant said:

    "A fire broke out in one of the factory's buildings. The local staff acted swiftly and managed to evacuate the workers. The fire has caused damage to the building". 

    According to local officials, the blasts happened as a result of the technological process being violated. 

    Russia's scientific and research institute "Kristall" focuses on scientific, technical and technological support for work related to the production of explosive materials, as well as their safe transportation and utilisation. For more than 60 years the institute has been engaged in the development of explosive compounds for a wide range of propellants, gunpowder, and ammunition for different types of arms, and for civil industry. Since 2012 "Kristall" has been part of the JSC "Scientific-Production Consortium" "Mechanical Engineering" (holding structure of the State Corporation "Rostec").

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    • 18:45

      Number of People Injured in TNT Plant Blasts Rises to 82 - Regional Emergency Service

    • 16:09

      The Kristall Plant’s Director General Was Fired Shortly Before the Emergency Situation - Source

      "Shortly before the emergency situation the director general of the Kristall Plant was fired for systematically violating industrial safety norms. After a blast that happened there in April, a commission was set up to investigate it; after that, he was dismissed. The chief management is changing, and, obviously, it did not have enough time and resources to improve the situation", a spokesperson for the company said.

    • 15:41

      Nearly 80 People Seek Medical Help After Dzerzhinsk Plant Blast - Russian Healthcare Ministry

      The injured include thirty-eight of the plant's workers and forty-one local residents, the press service of the Emergency Situations Ministry said.

      Blasts at Dzerzhinsk Plant
      © Sputnik / Anastasia Makarycheva
    • 15:03

      Fire at the Kristall TNT Plant Has Been Contained - Spokesperson for Local Emergency Situations Ministry

      Blasts at Dzerzhinsk Plant
      © Photo : Russia's Emergency Service
    • 14:15

      Five Buildings at the Kristall TNT Plant Were Damaged by a Series of Blasts in Dzerzhinsk, Russia; The Area of the Damage is About 800 Square Metres – Emergency Situations Ministry

    • 13:43

      Number of People Injured in TNT Plant Blasts Rises to 42, Fourteen Have Been Hospitalised - Regional Healthcare Ministry

      The injured include thirty-eight of the plant's workers, as well as four local residents. In all, fourteen people have been hospitalised, the Emergency Situations Ministry said.

    • 13:28

      There is No Threat of Chemical Contamination of the Air - Regional Authorities

      "Concentration of air pollutants is below the normal level, the radiation field is also normal", Russia's consumer watchdog, Rospotrebnadzor said.

    • 13:14

      Number of People Injured in TNT Plant Blasts Rises to 39 - Russia's Healthcare Ministry

      The information about two people who went missing after the blasts has not been confirmed, deputy governor of Nizhny Novgorod Region, Dmitry Krasnov, said.

    • 12:59

      State of Emergency Declared in the City of Dzerzhinsk After TNT Plant Blasts - Regional Government

      "A state of emergency has been declared in Dzerzhinsk and in the three neighbouring settlements of Pyra, Zhyolnino, and Lesnoy Kordon. This allows [local authorities] to promptly attract means and forces to mitigate the consequences of the explosion", the regional government said in a statement.

      Blasts at Dzerzhinsk Plant
      Russia's Emergency Service
    • 12:35

      Open Flames Have Been Extinguished at the "Kristall" TNT Plant in Dzerzhinsk - Russia's Emergency Situations Ministry

      Firefighters, working at the scene of the explosions, have been evacuated for safety reasons after a threat of new blasts was reported due to the fire in a nearby building, the emergency services said

    • 12:33

      Number of People Injured in TNT Plant Blasts Rises to 38 - Russia's Emergency Situations Ministry

      Number of people injured in the blasts stands at 38, four of them are in serious condition, the Emergency Situations Ministry says.

    • 12:25

      A Criminal Probe Under Article "Violation of Industrial Safety Rules" Has Been Opened After the Blasts - Investigative Committee

    • 12:10

      Twenty-Seven People Asked for Medical Help after the Explosions - Regional Health Ministry

      "Ten medical brigades are working at the scene of the blasts. Twenty-seven people have asked for medical help - those are the plant's workers and people living in nearby houses. Eleven of them were discharged from hospital after being examined by doctors", a source in the ministry said.

    • 11:11

      One of the Injured is in Critical Condition - Emergency Services Spokesperson

    • 11:01

      Fire Caused by the Explosions Has Spread to a Nearby Building - Emergency Services

    • 11:05

      Two People Missing After the Blasts at TNT Plant - Deputy Governor of Nizhny Novgorod Region

    • 10:59

      Five People Who Worked at the Plant Were Safely Evacuated - Spokesperson

    • 10:44

      Explosions Disrupt Power Supply in Neighbouring Houses - Emergency Services

      The power supply to houses in the nearby village of Pyra has been disrupted, and the windows of neighbouring buildings have been damaged, Sputnik learned from a spokesperson for the local emergency services.

    • 10:37

      Nineteen People Injured in TNT Plant Blasts - Nizhny Novgorod Region's Government

    • 10:30

      Three Explosions at "Kristall" Plant

      ​Information about the scale of the blast and casualties is currently being verified, a representative of the region's emergency services said. Danger of new explosions persists at the plant, a spokesperson stated.

    • 10:27

      Immense Mushroom Cloud Erupts After Blast Hits TNT Plant in Central Russia

      Blast Hits Kristall Explosives Plant in Russia's Dzerzhinsk

      VIDEOS of Blasts at TNT Plant in Central Russia Emerge Online

      A series of explosions at a trinitrotoluene (TNT) production workshop at the Kristall plant in the city of Dzerzhinsk occurred on Saturday, Nizhny Novgorod Region of Russia, a spokesperson for the emergency services revealed.
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    • 10:25

      Staff of TNT Factory Safely Evacuated After Explosions - Spokesperson

    LIVE UPDATES: 82 Injured in TNT Plant Blasts in Russia's Nizhny Novgorod Region
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