22:43 GMT09 May 2021
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    The US Air Force has conducted 7 flights over the Baltic Sea within 10 days, the Russian Defence Ministry said in a statement.

    The Russian Air Defence Forces Su-27 fighter jets twice in 24 hours escorted strategic B-52H bombers of the US Air Force, flying over the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea, according to MoD.

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    "Two American planes were detected by Russian airspace controls at a considerable distance from the Russian state border and escorted," the statement said.

    According to the ministry, the crews of the Su-27 fighters did not allow foreign strategic bombers to approach the Russian state border.

    US and NATO planes have been regularly flying close to Russia's borders since 2014, according to the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to NATO report.

    Earlier, the Defence Blog reported that a bomber task force of B-52 Stratofortresses, airmen, and support equipment from the 2nd Bomb Wing based out of Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana, arrived at RAF Fairford to participate in operations in Europe.

    According to CNN, the deployment of the military unit is a warning to Russia in the wake of the 5th anniversary of Crimea's reunification that occurred on 18 March 2014.

    Last month, the Russian military said that a Russian Su-27 fighter jet had been scrambled to identify and intercept a Swedish spy plane near the border.


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