07:52 GMT25 July 2021
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    A slip of the tongue by a German journalist has “granted” Russia’s foreign minister a new post and lightened up his annual press conference to sum up the results of the country’s foreign policy in 2018.

    A journalist from Germany’s public broadcaster ARD garnered a laugh from reporters at the Russian foreign minister’s annual presser by accidentally calling Sergei Lavrov the German foreign minister.

    “Our foreign minister Lavro… Lavrov, no…Heiko Maas. We are not there yet!” the reporter began her question in Russian, quickly trying to reverse the damage.

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    Lavrov, still the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, joked his way out of the new office to the laughter of journalists.

    “Oh, well! Now I will be accused, for sure, of us wanting to invade and overrun Germany, above all!” he replied, before getting back to matters of international importance and revealing that during Maas’ visit to Russia, he plans to discuss the situation in Syria and Ukraine with him.


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