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    Vladimir Putin at annual year-end presser

    Most Eye-Catching Moments From Putin's Big Press Conference

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    Putin's 2018 Year-End Press Conference (11)

    A record 1,700 journalists from across the globe have flooded into Moscow in order to ask their questions to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Some turned to creativity in thinking of what to ask the head of state, while others simply "dressed to impress" Mr President.

    Putin on Plans to Tie the Knot

    Vladimir Putin is no stranger to questions about his personal life, and one of the journalists present at his 14th annual press conference decided to ask the president how long he is planning to stay Russia's most eligible bachelor.

    "Are you married and want me to be the same? Anyway, as a decent man I will have to do that one day", Putin jokingly responded with a counter-question.

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    Putin Says All His Cooks Are From Military

    Asked to comment on claims that Yevgeny Prigozhin, dubbed "Putin's chef" by the Western media, allegedly had links to the private military company Wagner Group, Putin sarcastically said that all his chefs were employees from the Russian Federal Protective Service (FSO) and had military ranks.

    "All my cooks are Federal Protective Service employees, they are all servicemen with different military ranks, I have no other chefs. It is necessary to make it clear in order not to reconsider the issue again. If someone wants to label someone, it is their business, and it is not a big deal, it is just a political fuss that is ongoing here. There is even such a concept, food security, we do not entrust it to anyone but FSO personnel", Putin said.

    Journos in Desperate Bid to Attract Putin's Attention

    A handful of journalists chose the most bizarre costumes to attract the Russian president's attention to ask a question…

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    TWEET: "It seems that the journalists have confused the press-conference with the Festival of ethnic costumes".

    ​…others were holding eloquent placards:

    TWEET: "A journalist at Putin's annual press conference: "I'm looking for happiness!" I think I have found the strategy for the next press conference".

    Another poster featured a bottle and the caption "Let's drink!"

    Some apparently managed to make their way to the president — and even took a selfie with him:

    TWEET: "66 questions in almost four hours and one selfie with Putin".

    Putin's 2018 Year-End Press Conference (11)
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