12:42 GMT13 April 2021
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    MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, noted the presence of information war in the world, suggesting that in the United States, this war is underway between President Donald Trump and media outlets, while the French authorities wage their war against the Russian RT broadcaster.

    "It is more likely that there is a war than there is no war. Of course, it is a war. Notably, there are several battlefields. Take a look at the United States. There is a war between the US president and media outlets in the United States," Peskov told Rossiya 24 broadcaster when asked if the current search for a "Russian trace" in the West was an information war.

    "It is to our regret that the [French] president [Emmanuel Macron] is at war with RT, with our media outlet. Is not it the war when a media outlet is not allowed access to the presidential palace? How can this be called? Let us call a spade a spade," Peskov added.

    Russian media outlets have recently been facing pressure in the West, particularly, in France, where RT'a and Sputnik's reporters had been denied accreditation to the Elysee Palace and other governmental offices.

    Meanwhile, Russia has suggested everyone work together to counter cyberthreats but these suggestions have been declined, Dmitry Peskov said, adding that it is more beneficial for some players to demonize Russians and depict them as the almighty.

    In his interview with Russian broadcaster Rossiya 24, Peskov said that no one in the world knew how to counter fake news and ensure security in the cyberspace.

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    "We do not know and there is no country which knows [how to counter fake news and ensure cybersecurity]. By the way, Russia has suggested cooperation among everyone in this area in order to jointly discuss the ways of solving [the problems] and the ways of finding the new understanding of the new media outlets of the new information era. But we receive refusals, they do not want [to cooperate with Russia]," Peskov explained.

    "You see, it is more beneficial for them to demonize Russians and depict Russians as the almighty," Peskov added, when asked if it was more beneficial for some players to voice fears about some almighty Russians than to cooperate with them.

    Peskov continued by noting that it was beneficial for some western media outlets to demonize Russians. The Kremlin spokesman added that there were countries where Russian President Vladimir Putin was not only demonized by heroized.

    "The line is very thin. And we know that in many countries, the popularity of Russia and Putin is rather high," Peskov added.

    Dmitry Peskov also said he was ready to engage in an endless dispute with anyone who says there is no freedom of speech in Russia.

    "You cannot be a little bit pregnant. Likewise, you cannot have a little bit of freedom of speech. It is either there or it does not exist. If someone challenges the fact that there is a freedom of speech in Russia, I am ready to engage in an endless dispute with this person," Peskov told the Rossiya 24 broadcaster.

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    The Kremlin spokesman suggested that one just needed to surf the information space and analyze various sources of information in Russia to see that there is freedom of speech in the country. The spokesman noted that this popularity was seen not among officials but among ordinary people.

    Russia continued observing aggressive unfriendly actions against Moscow which manifested themselves as various restrictions imposed on the country, Peskov noted, adding that the "international environment was rather unbeneficial."

    Russia managed to maintain positive dynamics of development which was necessary for an economic breakthrough, Peskov pointed out.

    "There is an unpredictable situation in the global economy. We can see that a number of countries, let us put it this way, have absolutely refused to, at least, conceal their plans for protectionist moves. Protectionism in bourgeoning," Peskov said in an interview with Rossiya 24 broadcaster.

    Such actions undermined the global economy and the whole system of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Peskov continued. The spokesman noted there was no analyst who could suggest what would happen to the global economy and international trade relations in two years.

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