09:11 GMT31 July 2021
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    Russian police launched a probe into the case of a man who allegedly injured himself in an attempt to eliminate a nasal blockage, a representative of the local police services told Sputnik.

    As a representative of Russia's Rostov police services told Sputnik Saturday, the day before, law enforcement services received a call about a man in the regional town of Donetsk, who'd been wounded in the head with a knife. The man was hospitalized, the police representative stated, adding that an investigation had been launched into the issue.

    A law enforcement source said that according to preliminary data, the man himself had stuck a knife into his head, and then called the police.

    "Moreover, he was fully conscious," the source said, adding that the man is currently in intensive care.

    As the source also revealed, according to the preliminary data, the man is registered in a local psychoneurologic dispensary.

    Later on, Telegram channel 112 published a video, purportedly of the same man, explaining the motives behind the incident. "My nose was not breathing. I pierced my head to breathe," he said.

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