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    The ceremony of inauguration of Russian President Vladimir Putin will take place in the St. Andrew Hall in the Grand Kremlin Palace and will be held in a traditional manner, according to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

    The inauguration ceremony usually starts with the arrival of the president, his passage through the ceremonial halls to the Andreyevsky Hall where the president will take the oath of office.

    Putin's third inauguration took place on May 7, 2012. About 3,000 people were invited to attend the ceremony, including members of the Russian government, State Duma lawmakers and members of the Federation Council.

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      Inauguration Ceremony Has Ended

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      Artillery Salute is Given to Honor of President of Russian Federation

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      Inauguration of Russian President Vladimir Putin
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      Putin: We All One Big Team, Which Can Solve the Most Complicated Tasks

      The Russian president has expressed certainty that Russia would manage to achieve a breakthrough, as the whole country is "one big team, which can solve any tasks."

      "We need breakthroughs in all spheres of life. I am deeply convinced that these breakthroughs can only be provided by a free society that perceives everything new and embraces all advances while rejecting injustice, stagnation, red tape and bureaucratic inertia - all that binds people and prevents them from fully revealing who they are and realizing themselves and their talents; these limit the aspirations and imperil the future of our entire country," Putin stated.

      The president characterized the present time as a turbulent era, noting that "the way forward is not easy."

      "The way forward is not easy; it is always a difficult quest. History does not forgive only one thing: indifference and inconsistency, laxity and complacency. Especially today - at a turning point, an era of turbulent changes throughout the world," he stated.

      The president has described his principle goals during the six-year term.

      "Our aim is to build a Russia for the people, a country of opportunities for the self-realization of every person. I am deeply convinced that there is a direct, absolute connection between the broad tasks of our nation and the daily demands of our citizens, because only in this way can we create the necessary conditions for innovation and development, and - very importantly - an atmosphere of mutual responsibility, support, and faith in our society," Putin said during the inauguration.

      He compared Russia to the Phoenix:

      "For more than a thousand years of history, Russia has regularly been tested by periods of turmoil; it has always, always re-emerged, like the Phoenix, ascending to a height beyond the reach of others, achieving goals considered unattainable. For our country, these tests became a new springboard, a new historical frontier for a further, more powerful leap forward," Putin said.

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      Russia Open for Dialogue, Will Promote Investment, Cultural Projects Jointly With Partners - Putin

      "We are open to dialogue. We will, jointly with our partners, actively promote integration projects, and build business, humanitarian, cultural and scientific ties with our partners. We speak for equal and mutually beneficial cooperation with all states in the interest of peace and stability on our planet," Putin said at his inauguration ceremony.

      The Russian president spoke about Russian citizens, saying that he would focus his efforts on ensuring that every Russian family is prosperous in every way. He as well spoke about Russian young people, expressing hope they will become the change leaders.

      "By combining efforts of everybody, who cares about our country, its future, we will achieve our goals, achieve breakthroughs in science and technology, together we implement large-scale plans for the renewal of cities and villages, development of all our regions," Putin said.

      "Russia is a strong, active, influential participant of the international life. The country's security and defense capabilities are reliably secured, and we will continue to pay required and constant attention to these issues," the head of state said.

      At the same time, he stressed that Russia stands for "equal and mutually beneficial cooperation with all states in the interests of peace and stability on our planet."

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      Putin: I Feel a Huge Responsibility for Russia's Well-Being

      "I believe that guaranteeing Russia's peaceful, prosperous future is my obligation and purpose in life."

      "I believe it's my duty to do my best for peace and prosperity, for Russia," the Russian president stated, adding that "we should develop in areas where we have always been strong, as well in the areas where we haven't done enough. We have many decisions we have to make."

      "This year, we mark the 25-year anniversary of the Russian constitution, which ensures that our citizens have rights. We should change as history changes, but at the same time, we should stick to our roots, our history," the president stated.

      The president noted that Russian needs progress in all sectors, and that this can only be ensured by a free society.

      "We need trust in our society. We all should get involved. Transformation depends on all of us," he stated.

      "Of course, the state and municipal authorities have a special responsibility. People reasonably want their problems to be resolved without delay, so that their suggestions, remarks and demands are treated with due attention so that concepts such as reputation, honor, responsiveness and openness become the norm for representatives of all levels of power," Putin stated at the inauguration ceremony in the Kremlin.

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      Putin Sworn in as Russian President for New Six-Year Term

      Putin took the oath of office, then Constitutional Court chairman Valery Zorkin handed him the symbols of state power and announced his presidency.

      The attendees of the inauguration ceremony are singing the Russian national anthem.

      Presidential elections were held in Russia on March 18. Voter turnout was 67.54 percent. Putin won the elections, gaining 76.69 percent of the vote, with over 56.4 million voters casting their ballots for him, according to Central Election Commission data.

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      Inauguration of Russian President Vladimir Putin
      Press-service of the Russian President

      Vladimir Putin Arrives at the Kremlin for Inauguration Ceremony

      The ceremony is scheduled for 12:00 noon, Moscow time. Since 2000, the inauguration ceremony has taken place in one of the grand halls of the Grand Kremlin Palace: St. Andrew's Hall, St. Alexander's Hall or St. George Hall.

      Government members, State Duma deputies and senators, heads of the presidential administration, Constitutional Court judges, the diplomatic corps and other officials are obliged to attend the ceremony.

      The inauguration ceremony is expected to take about an hour.

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      Vladimir Putin Arrives at the Inauguration Ceremony

      The re-elected president is on his way to St. Andrew's Hall, where the inauguration ceremony will take place.

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      Government Representatives Arrived at Ceremony

      Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly Valentina Matveenko, as well as the first deputy of the presidential office, have arrived at the ceremony.

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      Russian Constitution Brought to Kremlin as Part of Inauguration Ceremony

      The official book of the Russian constitution is being kept in the Kremlin. The Russian president is expected to take the oath of office with one hand on the constitution.

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      Inauguration Ceremony of of President Vladimir Putin Starts in Kremlin


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