16:08 GMT21 February 2020
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    A slip of the tongue of a Russian TV host, who said Donald Trump had called to congratulate Vladimir Putin on winning the US election amid “Russian meddling” allegations, cased a proper storm on Twitter.

    Russia's TV news accidently said that Donald Trump had congratulated Vladimir Putin on winning the US Presidential elections on air, as he reported about the results of Sunday’s Russian vote. The mishap occurred during a piece on Trump’s call to the re-elected Russian President.

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    “The US leader congratulated Vladimir Putin on his confident victory at the US elections,” misspoke the anchor, who cited the Kremlin press office, without seemingly noticing the mistake.

    Although the TV broadcaster deleted the unfortunate clip from Youtube, the trouble didn’t go unnoticed on Russian Twitter and one of the country’s most popular online forums, where users went crazy about the incident.

    It turned out Putin won not only in Russia, but in the US too.

    I swear, I heard with my own ears, the anchor Kozhevin had a mega Freudian slip, “Donald Trump congratulated Vladimir Putin on winning the US elections.”

    LOL for some reason.

    who knows…?!

    That’s a slep!

    Epic slip!

    If you have a chance, watch the yesterday evening news program. Cool slip from the news anchor

    Still laugh my a… off after the TV host said: American president congratulated Vladimir Putin on his victory at the US elections. The best slip.

    Got me!

     “A piece from the “Vesti” News Program))) Seems like Russia 1 knows something…” some user wrote.

    “Washington’s central election commission counted the ballots. Texas can boast the most confident victory,” posted another one.

    “They are going to award TV host. Poor fellow has run off at the mouth)))” suggested some.



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