18:33 GMT23 April 2021
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    Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the board of the Federal Security Service (FSB); he addressed key aspects of the agency's work and set goals for the development of the country's security apparatus.

    Foreign Attempts to Gain Access to Sensitive Information in Russia

    In 2017, Russian counterintelligence neutralized several hundred foreign intelligence agents, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

    "I ask you to continue to carry out this most important task, to effectively stop the attempts of foreign intelligence services from gaining access to information of a political, economic, technological or defense-related nature," the president said, addressing the FSB leadership.

    The illegal activities of 72 staff members and 397 foreign intelligence agents have been foiled in Russia in 2017 and the Russian intelligence services should continue to work efficiently, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday.

    "The life, rights and security of our citizens must be protected from both internal and external threats, and from any attempts to prevent us from solving the tasks of our strategic development," Vladimir Putin added.

    Anti-Terrorism Fight

    Russia is ready for cooperation in the field of combating terror and ensuring international security with all states and without exception, despite other disagreements, Putin said.

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    "In the fight against terror, with other challenges of civilization and international security, Russia has always been and will be open to interaction and joint work with both our allies and those who are not included in this number. With all other countries, even if we have differences or contradictions with any of them on any issues on the international agenda," Vladimir Putin said.

    Putin has urged the improvement of the coordinating role of the National Antiterrorist Committee in the fight against terrorism, to receive operational proactive information, to liquidate financial, information and other channels used by transnational, global terrorist groups.

    Newest Weapons Systems

    The FSB provided an effective counter-intelligence cover for the development of the newest weapons systems.

    "On March 1, during the parliamentary address, I spoke about new technologies and weapons systems designed to protect Russia, to ensure strategic parity, and thus, to improve international security. Work on this modern technology has been going on for many years and involved thousands of people, including hundreds of design and research teams; Russia's industrial enterprises have participated in it. I want to note that we managed to provide an effective and efficient counter-intelligence cover for these large-scale projects, " Putin said.

    "I also want to thank all of you who participated in this responsible and difficult work for this result," the president said, noting that this work is going on amid difficult conditions.


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