17:17 GMT25 February 2021
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    Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the country's parliament, speaking about Russia's success in the defense sector, relations with the US and NATO, social and economic development of the country, as well as Moscow's plans concerning the technological advance in big data, AI and cryptocurrency.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin was making his annual address to the bicameral parliament, the Federal Assembly, which comprises Federation Council and State Duma.

    The annual presidential address to the Federal Assembly reflects the leadership’s vision of strategic areas of Russia's development in the near future. The address usually covers political, economic, and ideological issues, as well as specific proposals for the legislature’s work. Senators, lawmakers, members of the Russian government as well as the heads of the country's Constitutional and Supreme courts are traditionally present at the ceremony.

    As Putin is currently seeking his re-election, his vision of the results of work performed over the year and prospects for future work is likely to coincide with the key points of his election program, however, the address must not be perceived as a campaign document, according to Putin's election team headquarters.

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    • 11:00

      Russia, US Should Build Future Together, Solve Problems - Putin

      Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed Moscow's current position toward strained relations with the United States, saying that both countries should build the future together.

      "We are interested in normal constructive interaction with the United States and the European Union and are expecting that the common sense will prevail and our partners will choose fair and equal cooperation. Even if our positions on some issues are different, we are still partners, since we have to respond to difficult challenges together, ensure common security, build a future world, which is becoming more interconnected and where integration process are gaining momentum," Putin said.

      "Our policy will never be based on the aspirations for exceptionalism, we are defending our interests and respect the interests of other countries. With respect to the international law, we believe that the role of the United Nations is immutable. Those principles indeed let us build firm, kind, equal relations with almost majority of the countries," Putin stressed.

      Vladimir Putin has touched upon the issue of the US, EU sanctions against Russia, NATO development close to country's borders.

      "I would tell those, who are trying to develop their weapons within the last 15 years and seeking to gain unilateral benefits from Russia, imposing illegal and difficult from the prospect of international law limitations and sanctions aimed at constraining the development of our country, also in the military area: 'Everything you tried to hinder with such a policy has already happened. You failed to deter Russia,'" Putin said, addressing the Russian parliament.

      "NATO's approach toward our borders is becoming ineffective from a military point of view," the president added.    

    • 10:58

      Russia Will Respond to Any Use Of Nuclear Weapons Against Russia, Its Allies - Putin

      The Russian president stated that any use of nuclear weapons against Russia or its allies will be considered by Moscow to be a nuclear attack, triggering an immediate response.

      "I will stress, Russia's nuclear doctrine reserves the right to use nuclear weapons only in response to the use of nuclear arms or other weapons of mass destruction against Russia or its allies or in case of aggression against us with the use of conventional arms, when the existence of the statehood is put at risk. In this context I should say that we will consider any use of nuclear weapons against Russia or against its allies as a nuclear attack against our country. The response will be immediate with all that it implies," Putin said in his annual address to the Federal Assembly.

      The president said that certain provisions of the new US nuclear doctrine raised concerns, adding that according to such provisions the US nuclear weapons could be used "in response to the use of conventional arms or event to the cyberthreat."

    • 10:55

      Russian President on International Treaties

      "For my part, I will note that all work to strengthen Russia's defense capability has been carried out within the framework of existing arms control agreements. We do not violate anything," Putin said.

      He said it took other countries centuries to achieve what Russia has achieved over the past 30 years.    

      The president went on by stressing that Russia does not threaten anyone.

      "The rising military power of Russia does not threaten anyone. We have never had and have no plans to use this potential for offensive or aggressive purposes. We are not threatening anyone and have no plans to attack anyone, are not going to seize anything - we have everything," Putin said addressing the Russian parliament.

      "I would like to point out, that is very important: the rising military power of Russia is a secure guarantee of peace on our planet as this power preserves and will continue to preserve the strategic balance and balance of power in the world," the president added.    

      He went on to say that NATO forces approach toward Russian borders has become ineffective given Russia's newest armaments.

      "In late 2017, a successful launch of Russian advanced cruise missile with a nuclear power supply took place at a central military facility ... There is nothing alike in the world," Putin said in his annual address to Russian Federal Assembly.

      "Possession of such armaments, for sure, gives Russia serious advantage in the armed confrontation. Its power, might, as military experts claim, may be great, and its speed makes it invulnerable to modern missile and air defense systems," Putin added.

      The Russian president notes that all tests of the advanced air, naval, unmanned systems had been carried out.    

    • 10:50

      Russia Created Modern, Mobile, Hi-Tech Army - Putin

    • 10:45

      No One Listened to Russia Before We Created New Armament Systems, So Listen to Russia Now - Putin

      "We know that a number of countries are working to create the new physical principles weapons. We have reasons to believe that we are one step ahead, at least in the crucial sectors. Tangible results have been achieved in the creation of laser weapons and it is not just a theory or projects and even not a start of production. The armed forces are receiving [advanced] military equipment starting from 2017. I would not go into details, it is not time, but the specialists will understand that the existence of such systems increases Russian capabilities in the security area manifold," Putin said in his annual address to the Federal Assembly.

      The Russian president underlined the country's tough stance on international policy, saying that other countries have started "listening" to Russia only after it had created new weapons systems.

      "Of course, we will also continue to develop and improve our state-of-the-art weapons systems. Certainly, today I have not told you of all our weapons and advanced developments. But it's enough for today," Putin said.

      He said all new types of missile weapons were available and operating, adding that Russian enterprises started their serial production.

      "Despite all the problems that we faced in the economy, in finance, in the defense industry, in the army - yet Russia remained and remains the largest nuclear power. Do not forget, no one really wanted to talk to us. Nobody listened to us. Listen now," Putin said.    

    • 10:43

      All State-of-Art Naval Aircraft, Unmanned Systems Tested - Putin

      The Russian president went on to talk about the country's new naval aircraft, which, as he specified, has already been tested.

    • 10:37

      Putin on Country's Hypersonic Weapons

      The president stated that Russia's new hypersonic system has already been deployed in the South of the country since December 1, 2017.

      "The creation of the high-precision hypersonic aviation and missile system, which has no analogues in the world, is very important. Its tests have successfully been concluded. Moreover, since December 1 of last year, the system has been on the mission at the airfields of the South military district," Putin said during his annual address to the parliament.

      The unique characteristics of the high-speed carrier aircraft allow for delivering the missile within minutes, Putin continued.

      The missile, the speed of which exceeds the speed of the sound by 10 times, is able to overcome the existing and potentially-created air defense and anti-missile systems, reaching the target located up to 2,000 kilometers (1,242 miles) away with ordinary and nuclear warheads, the president added.

      "The creation of the strategic missile system with the essentially new military equipment, which is the maneuvering winged unit, the tests of which have already been completed, is a true technological breakthrough," Putin pointed out.    

      Putin has revealed the testing of a nuclear-powered cruise missile in late 2017.

      "In late 2017, a successful launch of the nuclear-powered cruise missile took place. During the flight, the power unit [of the missile] reached the planned capacity, ensured the necessary level of the draft. The launch, which took place, and a number of tests carried out on the ground allow to start the creation of principally new type of weapons - strategic nuclear weapons with nuclear-powered missiles," the president said in his annual address to the Russian parliament.utin added that the missiles equipped with small-sized nuclear power generators would be invulnerable to missile and air defense systems.    

    • 10:32

      Putin About New Russian Cruise Missile, Warhead

      The active phase of testing of the new Russian missile system with heavy intercontinental missile Sarmat has started, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday.

      "We have started the development of the new generation of missiles. Particularly, the Defense Ministry together with the organizations of the aerospace industry has started an active phase of tests of the new missile system with a heavy intercontinental ballistic missile, which is called Sarmat. This missile system will substitute the Voevoda system, which was created in the Soviet Union," Putin said during his annual address to the parliament.

      "[The Sarmat missile's] weight is 200 tonnes. It has a short active flight phase, which complicates its interception by the anti-missile equipment," Putin continued.

      The president added that it would be possible to equip the new missile with nuclear warheads, including hypersonic ones.

    • 10:29

      Russia Started Development of New Strategic Weapons - Putin

      The Russian president stated that Moscow has started developing new strategic weapons, which won't use ballistic flight paths.

      "We have started development of new strategic arms that do not use ballistic flight paths, while moving to targets, which means that the missile defense systems are useless in the struggle against them," Putin said.

    • 10:18

      Putin on US Forces' Deployment, Relations With Washington

      As Putin explained, Russia is creating new defense systems in response to the US forces' deployment.

      The president stated that all Russia's suggestions on joint work have been rejected by the US side, specifying that Moscow has tried to persuade Washington not to violate the anti-missile defense treaty, but in vain.

      "We have long persuaded the Americans not to violate the ABM Treaty, not to undermine the strategic balance. Everything was in vain. In 2002, the United States unilaterally withdrew from this treaty but even after that we have tried for a long time to establish a constructive dialogue with it, offered to launch a joint work in this sphere to remove concern and keep the atmosphere of trust. At some moment, it seemed to me that the compromise can be found but no - all the proposals were declined," Putin said, addressing the Russian parliament.

      "The implementation of [the US] plans on the construction of global anti-missile system is underway and now all the agreements under the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty [New START] are being gradually devalued," the president added.

      "Now [let's talk about] the advanced systems of Russia's strategic weapons, which are created by us in response to the unilateral withdrawal of the United States from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and deployment of this system both in the United States and outside its borders," Putin said in his annual address to the Federal Assembly.

      The president added that following the US withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty Russia worked hard on promising strategic weapons and Russia had quite cheap but rather effective systems capable to evade missile defense systems.    

    • 10:14

      Putin on Syria, Defense Capabilities

      The Russian president stated that the country's Syrian operation showed the high-level capabilities of Russia's defense.

      "The whole world now knows the names of Russia's modern weapons," he stated, adding that the country has patched up the post-Soviet gaps in missile defense.

      "The Syrian operation has shown the increased capabilities of the Russian Armed Forces," Putin said in the annual presidential address to the Federal Assembly.

      Putin also noted "huge work" in strengthening the Russian army and fleet, which had been conducted over the past years.

      "A uniform radar location field of the missile attack alert system has been deployed along the perimeter of the Russian borders, which is very important. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, large holes have emerged in it, but everything is fixed currently," Putin said during the annual address to the parliament.

      As the president specified, the Russian Armed Forces adopted over 300 new pieces of military equipment over six years.

      Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his address to the country's Federal Assembly that other nations may catch up with Russia in terms of military equipment and weaponry, but no country would ever have such an officer as Maj. Roman Filipov, who heroically lost his life in Syria.

      "Equipment, weapons even the most modern ones will be acquired by other armies, we do not really care about it, we already have [this equipment and weapons] and they will be only better. The main point is that they would never have such people, officers as our pilot Maj. Roman Filipov," Putin stressed.

      Putin's words received a standing ovation.

      In early February, the Russian Su-25 jet piloted by Maj. Filipov was downed by a portable surface-to-air missile during an overflight of Syria's Idlib de-escalation zone. According to the ministry, the pilot was trying to keep the aircraft in the air until the crash and managed to report to the command that the jet had been hit.

      The ministry indicated that Maj. Filipov had landed in an area controlled by the Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist group (banned in Russia) and was fighting against the terrorists until his death.

      Two soldiers run toward Patriot antimissile systems. File photo

      US Training European Military to Use Nuclear Weapons Against Russia - Russian FM

      The Conference on Disarmament, which takes place between February 26 and March 2, in Geneva, Switzerland, is a multilateral disarmament negotiating forum of the international community.
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    • 10:12

      Putin on Corruption

      "Most people in the governmental system are honest," Russian president stated, speaking about the level of corruption in the country.

      However, he underlined that it was necessary to exclude any opportunities for unscrupulous officials and law enforcement officers to pursue their own interests and to exert pressure on businesspeople.

      "It is necessary to remove everything that allows crooked and corrupt officials and law enforcement officers to put pressure on business," Putin said in his annual address to the Federal Assembly.

      The Russian leader added that it was important to increase the efficiency of disbursing public funds in the next six years in order to ensure funding of a breakthrough development, as well as to improve the quality of education, healthcare and infrastructure.    

    • 10:11

      Russian President on Business

      "Entrepreneurs Should Be Able to Open Their Businesses 'With One Click'," Vladimir Putin stated, saying that he suggests letting private businesses avoid reporting.

    • 10:05

      Putin About Russia's New Open Door Policy

    • 10:04

      Russian President on Exports and Imports

      Vladimir Putin revealed that Russia plans to export more goods than it imports to the global market next year, saying that the country would increase food exports in four years.

      "In four years we are planning to export to the world markets more goods than to import," Putin said in his annual address to the Russian Federal Assembly.

      The Russian president specified that the export of meat products, and products with high added value should increase.

      The president stressed that Russia should remove all administrative barriers to increase non-mineral exports and bring the value of such exports to $250 billion in six years.

      "Another source of growth is the development of non-mineral exports. We have to remove all administrative barriers, give as much help as much as possible to the companies that work [in this sector] and enter external markets. We have to practically double the volume of the non-mineral exports up to $250 billion within the next six years," Putin said in his annual address to the Russian Federal Assembly.    

    • 09:58

      Russian Economy Should Ensure Growth Rate Above World Average

      Vladimir Putin stated that the country's economy should ensure the growth rate above the average world level, which is, as he explained, a complicated task and a key direction for the new government.

      "The increase of the economic potential of the country, every region is a key source of additional resources. We need an economy with the growth rate higher than the world's for that. It is not a wish, it is a basic condition for the breakthrough in the solution of social, infrastructure, defense and other tasks," Putin said in his annual address to the Russian Federal Assembly.

      Putin specified that the low inflation rate gives Russia additional incentive for economic development.

      "The inflation has lowered to the record low level of some 2 percent. Of course, we understand that the growth of prices for some essential goods still remains considerably higher, this should be strictly and with great attention monitored by the anti-monopoly service. But as a whole, such a low inflation level gives us additional opportunities for the development," Putin said during the annual address to the Russian parliament.

      Putin recalled that in 2015, the inflation rate in Russia was almost 13 percent.

      "Today, we have an opportunity to gradually lower loan rates, increase accessibility of loans without increasing inflation, by preserving accurate and responsible approach [to this issue]," Putin continued.

      "At present, a new macroeconomic reality has been formed in Russia, implying the low inflation rate and the overall stability of the economy. For the [Russian] citizens it is the condition for the growth of real incomes, the decrease of the mortgage loans cost. For businesses, this represents predictability in work and less expensive loans," Putin pointed out.

      According to official figures, in January, the inflation rate in Russia lowered from 2.2 percent from 2.5 percent in December. The Central Bank expects this rate to remain lower than 4 percent in 2018.

      Additional to this, he stated that the growth of the labor efficiency should be no less than 5% a year, in order to be at the level of the leading world economies in 10 years.

      He specified that the government's share in the economy should gradually decrease.

      "We must radically improve the business environment, ensure the highest level of the business preferences. I will also point out the key position: the state's share in the economy must be gradually reduced," the president said during his address to the Russian parliament.

    • 09:53

      Putin on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

      Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers his annual Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly at the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall
      © Sputnik / Michael Klimentyev

      The Russian president called on the country to form its own blockchain-based digital platforms.

      "We need to form our own digital platforms that are naturally compatible with the global digital environment. This will allow us to reorganize the production process, financial and biological services. Including with the use of the decentralized ledger technology, which is very important for financial transactions," Putin said addressing the Russian parliament.

      "Russia should become not only a key logistics hub of the planet, but, let me stress, one of the global centers of storage, processing, transmitting and protecting large information blocks, the so-called big data," Putin said in a speech before the Russian parliament.

      The president underscored the need to take into consideration global technological changes when developing the country's infrastructure, the importance of adding such solutions as digital navigation, drones, artificial intelligence.    

      Mining farm on the territory of a technopolis, MoscowA view of Yalta. (File)

      Blockchain Heaven: Russians Working on Free Crypto Zone to Win Hearts & Wallets

      The idea to launch the FreeZone project, which is essentially focused on creating a limit-free territory for a wealth of cryptocurrency operations, first occurred to entrepreneur Evgeny Mukhin back in June 2017, and just a month later, the legal entity was registered, according to the white paper, published on the company’s official website.
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    • 09:51

      Putin Suggested to Remove Barriers on Robotics, AI Development

      Putin urged to remove all barriers impeding the development of robotics and artificial intelligence in Russia, adding that the legal framework for the work of foreign scientists and IT specialists should be created in the country.

    • 09:48

      Putin on Equal Education Policy

      The Russian president called equal education possibilities for each child the country's priority.

    • 09:45

      Russian President on Technological Development

      The Russian president stated that Russian should become one of the leaders in the storage, processing, transmission and the protection of big data.

      "The world if accumulating enormous technological potential which allows to make a huge breakthrough in improving the people's standard of living, modernization of economy, infrastructure and state governance ... The efficiency of how we use the great potential of the technological revolution ... depends on us only. In this context, the next few years will be decisive for the future of the country," Putin said in a speech before the Russian parliament, the Federal Assembly.

      Putin added that the next few years would be crucial "whoever is elected president."

      "Lagging behind in technology, dependence, mean lower economic potential and security of the country and as a result the loss of sovereignty," the president said.

      Putin stressed that Russia is ready for a technological breakthrough. The president added that lagging behind was a serious problem for the country and needs to be overcome.

    • 09:40

      Putin on Healthcare

      According to the Russian president, the country should allocate at least 4% of its GDP to healthcare, but strive to raise this number to 5%.

      He noted that some administration reforms shifted attention away from citizens.

      He also urged to pay special attention to the fight against cancer.

      "I suggest that a special nationwide program on fighting the oncology diseases should be implemented actively engaging science, domestic pharmacy industries; modernization of oncology centers; establishment of an advanced complex system beginning from diagnostics and finishing with effective treatment, which would protect an individual. We have such positive experience," Putin said in his annual address to the Russian Federal Assembly.


    • 09:39

      Putin on Investment Policy

      The Russian president revealed that Russia plans to attract at least 1.5trln rubles of private investment over six years in order to renew electric power industry.

      "New technologies are to be introduced in the production, storage and transfer of energy. In the coming six years, it is planned to attract a total of 1.5 trillion of rubles in private investment for the renewal of power industry," Putin said in his address to the Federal Assembly.

      He explained that the new Russian government, as well as the Central Bank, should prepare a plan aimed at attracting investments in the Russian economy.

      "The new government together with the Bank of Russia [Central Bank] will have to prepare a specific plan of actions in this sphere [stimulating investments]. The investments must be aimed at modernization and technological re-equipment of industrial sector, renovation of industry," Putin said in his annual address to the Russian parliament.

      "The next government will have to create new taxation conditions as soon as possible. They must be stable and fixed for the upcoming years. I would like to point out that we need such fiscal solutions that will ensure the budget replenishment at all levels, as well as fulfillment of all social commitments and at the same time will not inhibit but stimulate the economic growth," the Russian president added.    

    • 09:36

      Putin on Arctic Fleet

      "Our Arctic fleet has been, remains and will be the strongest one in the world," Putin said, addressing the Russian parliament.

      The president reaffirmed Russia's commitment to continue developing the scientific, transport and military infrastructure of the Arctic region.    

    • 09:34

      Putin Concerning the Policy on Far East

      The President revealed the country's plans to continue developing the Far East region.

    • 09:29

      Putin on Crimea, Kerch Bridge, Roads

      Putin specified that the traffic via the Crimean bridge to be launched next year.

      "Th traffic via the vehicle part of the Crimean bridge to open in several months," the president stated.

      The president stated that Russia should double its spending on road construction in the next six years allocating over 11 trillion rubles (over $194 billion).

      "In the next six years, we should almost double the spending on the construction and development of car roads in Russia, allocate over 11 trillion of rubles from all sources," Putin said in his annual address to the Russian Federal Assembly.

      The Russian president added that a comprehensive plan to modernize the country's backbone infrastructure should be worked out for these purposes.

      "Based on the territorial development strategy, we have to develop a comprehensive plan on upgrading and expanding backbone infrastructure in the country. I believe that it will be the key task of the new government," Putin said.

      The Russian leader specified that in particular Russian airports network should be reconstructed and expanded.

      Kerch Strait Bridge
      © Photo : kerch-most.ru
    • 09:27

      Putin on Russia's Real Estate Policy

      The Russian president revealed that at least one million real estate loans were given out in Russia last year.

      "For the first time in the history of modern Russia, we should make sure every year 5mln young families have their housing conditions improved," Putin stated.

    • 09:24

      Putin on GDP, Economic Growth

      "By the end of next decade we will try to boost GDP by 1.5 times," the Russian President stated.

      The macroeconomic situation in Russia is stable, but the necessary level of well-being of the Russian population has not been achieved yet and should be improved, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

      "Our economy has demonstrated its sustainability and the achieved macroeconomic stability opens new opportunities for the breakthrough and long-term development," Putin said in his annual address to the Federal Assembly of Russia.

      Nevertheless, Russian leader noted that the country still has to overcome some pressing issues related to the well-being of the Russian population.

      "As for the achieving the task on ensuring the quality of life and wealth of the [Russian] people we, for sure, have not reached the necessary level ... We have to make a breakthrough in this area," Putin added.

    • 09:22

      Putin on Urban Development, Creation of Middle Class in Russia

      "Urban development should become the driving force for Russia," Russian President Vladimir Putin stated, adding that " those living in rural areas should be integrated".

      "I suggest launching a large-scale program for the spatial development of Russia, including the development of towns and other municipalities, and increase the relevant funding by at least half in the next six years," Putin said in his address to the Russian parliament.

      The president also stressed the importance of connectivity and communications in the future of the country, noting that all of Russia's territory had to be given access to contemporary technology "for the development of towns and villages, growth of business activity, ensuring that the country is interconnected."

    • 09:18

      Russian President Speaks About Life Expectancy

      "By the end of next decade Russia should join the club of 80+ life expectancy," Putin stated, saying that the country should allocate at least 3.4trln rubles to improve the demographic situation in the country.

      The voiced figure is 40% higher than that in previous six years.

    • 09:16
    • 09:15

      Russian President Speaks About Social Policy

      Russian President stated that among the key directions of Russia's domestic policy should be to cut poverty in half within six years, increase the financing of maternal welfare and young families.

    • 09:10

      Vladimir Putin During State Address to Russian Federal Assembly

      Russian President Vladimir Putin addresses the Federal Assembly at Moscow's Manezh exhibition centre on March 01, 2018
      © AFP 2021 / Yuri KADOBNOV
    • 09:09

      Putin on Upcoming Presidential Elections: Russia Must Expand Freedoms in Every Sphere, Boost Democratic Institutions

      Putin stated that no matter who becomes the next president, Russian people need to realize the challenges we are facing today. 

      "We are witnessing civilizational changes in the world today and we need to rise up and face them," the Russian president stated.

    • 09:08

      Vladimir Putin Speaks About Democratic Society

      Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that Russia showed itself to be a democratic society in its free and self-sufficient way.

      "In order to move forward, ensure stable development, we must expand the space of freedom in all spheres, strengthen democratic institutions, local government, structures of civil society and courts, be open to the world, new ideas and initiatives," Putin said in his address to the Russian parliament.

    • 09:03

      Russian President Vladimir Putin Starts Annual Address to Russian Federal Assembly

      The Russian President called this address epoch-making, explaining that Russia has managed to get through new challenges in economics and social sphere, ensuring the unity of the country.

      "Today's address has a special, landmark nature, just like this time we are living in, when the significance of our choice, every step, and move, is extremely important, because this determines the country Putin added that stability was ensured practically in all areas of the activity.

      The president stressed the critical importance of this fact for "our big multinational country with a complicated federation structure, with the variety of cultures," and the memory of hardships it had survived.

      "Stability is the basis, not the guarantee of further development. We do not have a right to allow for the reached stability to lead to complacency. Especially since a lot of problems have not been resolved yet," Putin pointed out.'s fate for the decades to come ... We have coped with large-scale and complex changes, we have coped with absolutely new and very complex economic, social challenges, and preserved the unity of the country," Putin said in the annual presidential address to the parliament.

    • 08:56

      Presidential Address to Russian Federal Assembly in Detail

      Russian President Vladimir

      What You Need to Know About Presidential Address to Russian Federal Assembly

      MOSCOW (Sputnik) - In accordance with the Constitution, the Russian president makes an annual state-of-the-nation address to the Federal Assembly on the situation in the country and the country’s domestic and foreign policy priorities.
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    • 08:54

      Putin's Address to Parliament to Be Accompanied by Video Slideshow

      The address of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly will be held in Moscow Central Exhibition Hall "Manege" and will be accompanied with a special video slideshow, a source familiar with the organization of the event told Sputnik on Thursday.

      Later in the day, Putin will make his address to the members of both houses of the Federal Assembly, as well as to a number of distinguished guests that will attend the event.

      "The slides will be shown on the specially installed screens. The video will be specially prepared for the president's address," the source said.

      The source did not provide any details about the content of the slideshow.

      The annual presidential address to the Federal Assembly reflects the leadership’s vision of strategic areas of Russia's development in the near future. The address usually covers political, economic, and ideological issues, as well as specific proposals for the legislature’s work.

    Russian President Putin Annual Address to Federal Assembly (VIDEO)
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