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    Screengrab from epic car chase in Siberia

    Siberian GTA: WATCH Cop Jump on Speeding Car, Take Down Perp in Epic Fashion

    © Photo: Youtube / 72ru
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    Harrowing dashcam footage from a patrol car in the town of Ishim in Western Siberia has shown how local cops deal with drunken car thieves.

    The footage, which looks less like real life and more like something out a Hollywood blockbuster, shows Lieutenant Maxim Mamaev approaching the driver-side window of a black Renault, pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence, with the car suddenly speeding off into a central thoroughfare.

    With no time to think, Mamaev jumps on the vehicle's trunk, banging on the rear window to try to intimidate the driver into stopping. The patrolman's partner, Ivan Afonin, speeds off after them, sirens blaring, demanding in vain that the driver stop.

    The cop car's dashcam captures the epic chase, with the pursuing officer frantically calling headquarters for backup. Suddenly, Mamaev smashes through the rear window with the butt of his service weapon and disappears into the car. Mere seconds later, the vehicle comes to a screeching halt. 

    In the course of their investigation, the officers discovered that the driver was not only intoxicated, but a car thief who had hijacked the car from a pensioner who was driving him for court-ordered correctional labor for a previous theft.

    "We had to act to stop the drunk driver, who could have harmed other people, including pedestrians," Mamaev later said, speaking to local media.

    Internet users praised the police officer for his bravery, with some joking that the local traffic cops can now confidently go into business making action films.

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