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    An-148 Crash in Moscow Region (15)

    The local emergency services are investigating the information about the crash of the Russian An-148 in Moscow region, the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations said Sunday.

    A total of 65 passengers and six crew members were on board of An-148 plane of Saratov Airlines which had disappeared from the radars in the Moscow Region, the Russian Emergency Ministry said, adding that the crashed plane was subsequently detected from the air in the Ramensky District of the Moscow Region.

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      An-148-100B of Saratov Airlines (File)

      White House Expresses Condolences Over Russia's An-148 Crash in Moscow Region

      MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Washington has expressed its deepest regret over the crash of Russia's An-148 plane in Moscow region and offered condolences to the families of the victims, the White House's press service said in the statement.
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      The Samara Airlines An-148 RA-61704 plane during take-off at Domodedovo airport. Archive photo from May 2017. The Saratov Airlines flight 703 Moscow-Orsk crashed on February 11, 2018 in the Moscow Region

      Russia's An-148 Plane Carried Out Several Flights on Sunday Before Crash

      SARATOV (Sputnik) - An-148 plane that crashed in Moscow region shortly after take-off had carried out several other short haul flights before setting off for the city of Orsk from Moscow's Domodedovo airport, the head of the Saratov Airlines press service said Sunday.
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    • 23:17

      Saratov Airlines Have Published Extended An-148 Crash Death Toll

      The Saratatov Airlines have published an updated death toll of its An-148 aircraft crash. The document has been published on the company's website.

    • 22:29

      Russian Transport Watchdog Inspecting Saratov Airlines, Domodedovo Over An-148 Crash

      Russia's Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Transport, Rostransnadzor, has launched unscheduled inspections after the crash of the An-148 aircraft in the Moscow Region, and the Saratov Airlines as well as the Domodedovo airport will be in particular checked, Rostransnadzor head Viktor Basargin said.

      "Rostransnadzor, in accordance with its powers, has launched unscheduled inspections in two federal districts. First of all, it is Saratov Airlines, and the territorial administration is dealing with this issue. The unscheduled inspection will be also carried out in relation to the Domodedovo airport. All services that participated in preparation of this aircraft for departure will be checked ," Basargin said.

    • 22:27

      Decision on Suspension of An-148 Planes Can Be Taken Additionally

      Russian Minister for Transportation Maxim Sokolov said that the decision on possible suspension of An-148 flights after the crash can be taken additionally in concurrence with the Federal Air Transport Agency and the Federal Service for Supervision of Transport.

      "This decision will be taken additionally by the leadership of the company in agreement with Rosaviatsia and Rostransnadzor," Sokolov told reporters.

    • 21:28

      Austria Expressed Condolences Over An-148 Plane Crash

      The Austrian government expressed its condolences in connection with the crash of the An-148 plane in the Moscow region, government spokesperson Peter Launsky-Tiffenthal stated.

    • 21:15

      Discovered Black Box Was Recording Flight Parameters - Emergency Operations Center

      The flight recorder discovered on the crash site earlier in the day was registering flight parameters, a spokesperson of the Emergency Operations Center told Sputnik.

      "The first found 'black box' is acknowledged as a device for recording flight parameters," the source said.

      According to him, the second "black box", the onboard voice recorder, has not yet been found, the search continues.

      The spokesperson described the condition of the discovered recorder as satisfactory.


    • 20:43

      Azerbaijani National on Board of Crashed An-148 Plane - Operational Headquarters

      A citizen of Azerbaijan was on board of the An-148 aircraft that crashed in the Moscow Region earlier on Sunday, a spokesperson of the operational headquarters at the crash site told Sputnik, adding that the information about two other foreigners has not been confirmed yet.

      "According to preliminary data, a citizen of Azerbaijan was on board. There were reports on two more foreign nationals but they have not been confirmed yet. The work at the crash site continues," the spokesperson said.

    • 20:34

      Criminologists and Doctors to Leave for Orsk on Monday to Collect Genetic Materials From Victims' Relatives

      The Russian Emergencies services will take criminologists and doctors to Orsk on Monday to collect genetic materials from relatives of victims of the An-148 plane crash in the Moscow region, Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov said.

    • 19:59

      Turkey Expressed Condolences Over Plane Crash

      Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu in his conversation with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov expressed condolences in connection with the crash, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement published in Facebook.

      The head of the Turkish Foreign Ministry conveyed condolences from his government and people in connection with the crash of the An-148 aircraft in the Ramensky district of the Moscow region and expressed the readiness of the Turkish side to provide assistance, if necessary, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated.   

    • 19:55

      Orenburg Declared Mourning for Crashed An-148 Victims

      Mourning was declared in the Russian southwestern Orenburg Region after An-148 plane flying to the region's second largest Orsk city had crashed, the regional government's spokesperson told Sputnik on Sunday.

      "On Monday, February 12, a day of mourning for victims was declared in the Orenburg region," he said.    

    • 19:49

      Crashed An-148 Plane's Crew Not Reported About Aircraft Failure - Investigative Committee

      The crew of the An-148 aircraft crashed in the Moscow Region had not reported about the plane failure, Russian Investigative Committee's spokeswoman Svetlana Petrenko said on Sunday.

      "It has been determined that no reports about the aircraft failure from the crew have been received," Petrenko said.

      Petrenko noted that the criminalists have started examining the crashed plane with the use of the advanced equipment.

      "The parts of the train and bodies of those killed are scattered across vast territory with the radius of no less than 1 kilometer [0.62 miles]," the Investigative Committee's spokeswoman said.

      Earlier in the day, the Moscow Interregional Transport Prosecutor's Office and Southern Transport Prosecutor's Office have started checks in connection with An-148 crash in the Moscow Region.

      The Russian Prosecutor General's Office has also said that the actions of air traffic control services and maintenance of the crashed plane will be legally assessed.

    • 19:48

      France Expressed Condolences to Relatives of An-148 Crash Victims

      The French Foreign Ministry expressed their condolences to the families of people died as a result of the flight 6W703 crash in the Moscow region.

      "The French Foreign Ministry expresses its condolences to all the families of those killed in the crash of the Russian passenger aircraft #An148 and addresses them words of support at this difficult hour."

    • 19:17

      Putin Postpones Trip to Sochi Due to An-148 Plane Crash in Moscow Region - Peskov

      Russian President Vladimir Putin has postponed his trip to Sochi, which was scheduled for Monday, due to the crash of the An-148 aircraft in the Moscow Region and possible need to coordinate the work of a governmental commission, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Sunday.

      "Due to the tragic event, the president decided to postpone the regional trip, set for Monday, and continue working in the [Russian] capital as scheduled, also taking into account possible need to coordinate the work of a governmental commission," Peskov said.

      During his trip to Sochi, Putin was supposed to hold a meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, which will eventually take place in Moscow. According to the Kremlin spokesman, the talks with Abbas, who is coming to Russia for a working visit, are planned for Monday afternoon.

      "We will additionally inform you on other events," Peskov noted.

      Earlier in the day, Putin conveyed condolences to the relatives of victims of the An-148 passenger plane crash. The aircraft crashed in the Moscow Region soon after taking off from Domodedovo airport. The Russian Emergencies Ministry confirmed that there were 71 people on board of the aircraft, including one child.    

    • 18:58

      Investigators to Check All Possible Versions of An-148 Crash, Including Weather Conditions, Human Factor

      The Russian Investigative Committee, which is responsible for the probe into the crash, stated that they would check all possible reasons behind the crash, including weather conditions, human factor and the technical condition of the plane.

    • 18:35

      Russian Prime Minister Expresses Condolences to Families of Crashed An-148 Plane Victims - Press Service

      Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev expressed condolences to the families of victims of the An-148 plane crashed in the Moscow Region and ordered to establish a commission to eliminate the consequences of the tragedy, the Russian government's press service said.

      "The prime minister ordered to set up a commission to eliminate the consequences and provide assistance to those affected by the plane crash ... The commission is headed by [Transport Minister] Maxim Sokolov ... Medvedev expressed deep condolences to the families and friends of those killed in the plane crash in the Moscow Region," the press service said.

    • 18:34

      EMERCOM Orders to Involve Unmanned Aircraft in An-148 Flight Recorders' Search

      Russian Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov on Sunday ordered that unmanned aircraft be involved in the search for the flight recorders of An-148 plane that crashed in the Moscow Region.

      "Use unmanned aircraft. And continue the search operation step by step, focusing on the flight recorders," Puchkov said.

    • 18:20

      All 71 People Onboard of Crashed Plane Confirmed Dead, EMERCOM Publishes List of Passengers, Crew

      The Russian Transport Ministry has confirmed that no one survived after the flight 6W703 crash, while the country's Emergencies Ministry published the list of the passengers and crew members on their official website.

      "There were 65 passengers and six crew members on board the aircraft and they all died," the Moscow inter-regional transport prosecutor's office told Sputnik.

      Russian Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov also confirmed that no survivors of the tragedy have been found.

      "Apparently, there are no survivors in this plane crash at the moment. The quality of bio-materials is such that it will be necessary to carry out gene testing. Accordingly ... we will have to collect the bio-material of relatives," Sokolov said during video conference.

      Sokolov added that the commission on elimination of consequences of the An-148 plane crash would hold a meeting on Monday.

    • 18:17

      One Flight Recorder From Crashed An-148 Discovered on the Site

      The Head of the Moscow Region Department of the Russian Emergencies Ministry stated that one flight recorder from the crashed An-148 has been found.

    • 18:11

      Emergency Service Found Bodies of Two Victims After Plane Crash in Moscow Region

      The Russian Emergency Services reported of two bodies and a wreckage of the crashed An-148 plane hull on the site.

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      Crashed An-148 Had No Technical Issues

    • 17:19

      Russian Emergencies Minister Orders to Involve UAVs For Search Operation

    • 16:58

      Debris of Crashed An-148 Plane Discovered in Ramensky District of Moscow Region

      Debris of the crashed An-148 plane were discovered in the Ramesnky District of the Moscow Region, the main directorate of the Emergencies Ministry in the Moscow Region said.

      "On February 11, 2018, at 02:45 p.m. [11:45 GMT] ... a message was received on disappearance from radars of an aircraft at the address - Moscow region, Ramensky municipal district, Stepanovskoye village ... at 03:40 p.m. [12:40 GMT] the debris of the aircraft were discovered," the statement said.

      A total of 34 units of equipment and 167 people are operating in the crash site. 

    • 16:33

      Rosaviatsia Confirms 71 People on Board of Crashed An-148 Plane

      The Russian Federal Air Transport Agency's (Rosaviatsia) spokesperson confirmed to Sputnik that 65 passengers and six crew members were on board of the crashed An-148 plane, adding that the communication with the crew was lost few minutes after the aircraft's take-off.

      "At 02:21 p.m. Moscow time [11:21 GMT] An-48 plane flight 703 ... took off from Domodedovo airport. According to preliminary data, 65 passengers and six crew members were on board. The radio communication with the crew was lost several minutes after the take-off, the aircraft disappeared off the radar screen. According to preliminary information, the communication was lost in the Ramensky district of the Moscow Region," the spokesperson said.


    • 16:23

      Putin Expresses Condolences to Relatives of An-148 Crash Victims

      "The president expresses deep condolences to all people who lost their relatives in the plane crash," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, adding that the president ordered the government to establish a special commission to investigate the crash.

      "Putin also gave instructions to competent agencies to conduct all necessary search works," the spokesman added.


    • 16:17

      Crashed An-148 Plane Was Set to Land in Southwestern Orsk City at 13:35 GMT - Airport

      The Russian An-148 aircraft, which had crashed after taking off from the Moscow Domodedovo airport, was set to reach the city of Orsk in the southwest of Russia at 06:35 p.m. local time (13:35 GMT), the Orsk airport spokesperson told Sputnik on Sunday.

      "The Orsk airport receives one flight a day from the Moscow Domodedovo airport. Today at 06:35 p.m., we expected the arrival of An-148 from Moscow," the spokesperson said.

    • 16:11

      Russian Transport Minister Heading to Site of An-148 Crash

      Russian Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov is heading to the scene of Saratov Airlines An-148 crash in the Ramesnky District of the Moscow region, a spokesperson for the ministry told Sputnik.

      "He [the transport minister] held talks with [Russian Emergencies Minister Vladimir] Puchkov, [Governor of Moscow Oblast Andrei] Vorobyov and [Rosaviatsia head Alexander] Neradko and after that flew to the search site," the spokesperson said.

    • 16:09

      Alleged Video of An-148 Debris Appeared on Twitter

    • 16:04

      Russian Emergency Ministry Confirms An-148 Crash in Moscow Region

      "An-148 airplane carrying out the flight number 703 Domodedovo-Orsk crashed today in the Ramensky district of the Moscow Region near the Stepanovskoye settlement. The rescuers' and firefighters' units of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, ambulance brigades, and other emergencies services arrived swiftly at the scene of the crash," the statement reads.

    • 15:49

      Criminal Investigation Launched After An-148 Crash

      A criminal investigation has been launched following the crash of An-148 passenger aircraft in Russia's Moscow Region, Russian Investigative Committee's spokeswoman Svetlana Petrenko said Sunday.

      "The investigative committee ... has launched a criminal investigation into the crash of a passenger aircraft An-148 in the Moscow Region," the statement read.

      The spokeswoman added that the investigators have already been sent to the crash site.


    • 15:48

      Investigation Group, Forensic Specialists Sent to the Crash Site

      Two Mi-8 helicopters with a rescue team have taken off to the alleged place of the An-148 plane crash.

    • 15:45

      Crashed An-148 Was New

      The crashed An-148 has been in use for only eight or nine years and has also been used for international flights.

    Russian An-148 Plane Crashes in Moscow Region, All 71 Onboard Confirmed Dead
    An-148 Crash in Moscow Region (15)
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