03:47 GMT12 April 2021
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    Russia's President Putin has revealed which technological sphere will determine the future leader of the world.

    "Artificial intelligence is not only the future of Russia, but the future of all mankind. It holds both tremendous opportunities and is fraught with scarcely predictable dangers. Whoever takes the lead in this sphere will become Lord of the World," President Putin told Russian schoolchildren during an open lesson on their first day of the new school year.

    President Putin with Russian schoolchildren during an open lesson on their first day of the new school year.
    © Sputnik / Alexei Druzhinin
    President Putin with Russian schoolchildren during an open lesson on their first day of the new school year.

    On the first day of autumn, schoolchildren from various Russian regions had the opportunity to talk to their President during a televised Q&A session in the city of Yaroslavl, where they were able to share their suggestions and learn what spheres of Russian industry have the best prospects and merit special attention.

    "However, it is highly undesirable for the monopoly in the development of the artificial intelligence to be concentrated in one pair of hands. Hence if we become the leaders, we will certainly share our technology with the rest of the world, the way we are doing now with atomic and nuclear technology," the Russian leader said.

    He further stressed that Russia should start working on the issue right now, so that the country won't find itself at the "end of the line" in the future.

    Among other promising fields of study, Vladimir Putin noted cognitive science, the scientific study of the mind and its processes, which examines the nature, the tasks, and the functions of cognition.

    "It is a combination of various studies: brain capabilities, ocular movements' capabilities for the management and control of various systems, and analysis of human behavior in extreme situations, including space. This study has no limits, no horizon," the President said.

    He explained that technological innovations will create new jobs, but also make a lot of human work obsolete.

    "Therefore we should think in advance where all these people will work then. How we should re-train them and which spheres to re-direct to. This is an extremely vital socio-economic task, which the country will inevitably face while implementing the plans you have just voiced," Vladimir Putin told the schoolchildren.

    Nevertheless, if "acting in solidarity, the country will be able to achieve the necessary effect," the President concluded.

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