11:24 GMT29 November 2020
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    The freighter “Saint Alexy” has been the first ship to sail under the giant railway arch in the channel between Russia’s southern Krasnodar Region and Crimea as a 19km (12-mile) road-rail bridge takes shape, Crimean Bridge news center reported.

    “We’ve been watching this construction from day one. This is a mindboggling effort that will go down in history, the ship’s Captain, Yury Silayev said.

    The “Saint Alexy” was en route from the Sea of Azov to the Black Sea.

    On Tuesday, the builders of the Crimean Bridge mounted the 6,000-ton steel arch on 35-meter-tall fairway pylons. The giant, 227-meter-long and 45-meter-tall, steel arch will take another three weeks to fully install.

    After a 5,000-ton road arch has been brought in and also installed, there will be two fairway arches rising above the water of the Kerch Strait that separates Russia’s southern Krasnodar region from the Crimean peninsula.

    The bridge will not impede shipping, as it will stand 35 meters above the water.

    Road traffic along the Crimea Bridge, the longest in Russia, is scheduled to commence in December.


    Six Thousand Ton Arch of Crimean Bridge Ready for Installation (VIDEO)
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