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    Screw the Sanctions! 3 in 4 Russians Oppose Begging West to Lift Restrictions

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    A whopping 76% of Russians are opposed to any effort by the government to lift Western sanctions against Russia, a recent poll by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM), the country's oldest polling institution, has found.

    According to the polling agency's report, over three quarters of respondents said that Russia should not push to lift sanctions, since they harm those countries which introduced them just as much as they do Russia; those countries should therefore be the ones to lift them, respondents said. The 76% figure is up from 57% who held a similar view in 2015.

    18% of those polled said that measures need to be taken to lift the restrictions, citing their weighty economic consequences on Russia. Two years ago, 33% held that view.

    27% of poll respondents believe that sanctions have had a significant impact in worsening the economic situation in the country. 32% said that sanctions have not had a serious impact. 35% of respondents said that the sanctions have, on the contrary, had positive consequences (up from 32% in 2015). 79% indicated that they and their families have not personally felt the impact of sanctions, with 17% answering that they had.

    VTsIOM's polling also found that over half of Russians — 59%, are prepared to endure economic difficulties if it is ensured that Russia's Ukraine policy does not change.

    The polling agency carried out its survey between March 1-2, 2017, holding telephone interviews with 1,200 people from across Russia's cities and regions. The maximum margin of error for the polling is considered to be no higher than 3.5%.

    In VTsIOM's press release, the polling agency's research projects director Mikhail Mamonov explained that the findings show that sanctions have become "routinized" in the public's eyes. 

    "The public has become accustomed to the sanctions' existence, while the negative consequences have lumped in with those of the general economic slump," Mamonov said. "Moreover, for the first time since monitoring started, a group of respondents has emerged pointing to the sanctions' positive impact." This, according to the sociologist, indicates that Russia's program of import substitution has met with success.

    Late last month, Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev said that Russia should prepare to live under sanctions "indefinitely." 

    "We should not hope for any mercy from [the EU and the US] in this sense, and we even do not need that, because in conditions of sanctions, as the experience of the past two years has proven, we are able to develop, and actually develop well," Medvedev said.

    Beginning in 2014, the European Union and the United States introduced several rounds of restrictive measures against Russia, accusing it of interfering in the political crisis in Ukraine following the February 2014 Maidan coup. Moscow has denied the accusations, and responded by imposing a food embargo on products originating in countries that targeted it with sanctions. The countersanctions, which hit the EU much harder than the US, have cost Western agricultural producers tens of billions of dollars.


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      The Americans are stupid to think that sanctions have lasting negative effects on Russia. On the contrary, the sanctions are helping Russia in strengthening its economy and to develop closer ties with China, India and other countries.
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      only 76%? :) A wider survey would probably raise the percentage. :)
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      The scansions had nothing to do with Ukraine or Crimea. Russia is resurgeing economically, politically and militarily and the US (exceptional ones) just wants to keep them down.
    • supportin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, there is nothing the USA nor the EU can do to reverse the damage they have done to their own permanent finances and, more importantly, to their intellectual and cultural base through allowing Hamster McDeath and Hiltard call the shots in West/Russian relations.

      There are several reasons for this. At one time the West once possessed a type of semantic fluency which was a point of intersection between aesthetics, mathematics and the consequent repeated non-disruptive breakthroughs which enabled societal progress through non-ideological means: the tools borne of this fluency were the teachings of Ernst Nagel, Arthur Koestler, and the framework for grasping historical processes borne of the works of Will and Ariel Durant, to a lesser extent H. G. Wells and the Webbs, but more popularly the works of Churchill, R. H. Tawney, Russell's popular writings on relativistic physics, and the grocery-store checkout line encyclopediae on natural science, pocket field handbooks on applied taxonomic science by Howard W. Zim, and the Wonder Books of Science which date back to 1910 covering all aspects of engineering, manufacturing and science until they were discontinued around 1968 or so.

      Why this was killed off systematically on a Federal level was the overarching fear that degreed hard science and engineering majors would reach solidarity with the blue-collar workforce and thus form their own unions. The shutdown of the formerly superb American instrument of engineering & scientific pedagogy started with LBJ and finished in 1969 or so.

      Interestingly my old Operation Paperclip buddy Siggy Kuether saw through to the core of the matter. To paraphrase so as to make him more real to you (I miss the guy terribly in my old age as he was so funny even as disaster engulfed him and ultimately all Detroit; he feared nothing) "America is afraid the Fourth Reich will start here. They do not give a sh*t about communism. Every American is a closet apparatchik because you hate to work. You would rather administer useless clerks than make sh*t." This was in 1980 or so. He would stay on until the earl;y hours of th emorning at his huge machine shop with older mechanics who did not care about the hours either but just wanted to make prototypes and test concepts like teenagers working on a found motorcycle on a scrap heap.

      The present American generation and those circus-barker Boomers who "rose to the top" through subterfuge and deceit and (basically) dealing dope & pimping--or otherwise put, what is the main business of Hollywood and the speculative & banking industries?-- has not the ability to re-create that fecund social environment which results in genuine, usable progress for the benefit of all as the non-money related spirit of an extinct form of altruism borne of the fearless confrontation of truth regardless of the cost is gone. That spirit belongs entirely and indeed may always have belonged to Eastern Europe and to the East altogether.

      The Russian Federation and the Red Chinese and their academies of science do not need the West anymore. Lockheed Martin and NASA will never execute the necessary catch-up to reach ascendancy in quantum computing save through the kind graces of Eastern participation: in this respect the Perimeter Institute has been a complete waste of time, a vain attempt to re-create the spriti of the Greek Atheneum while Athena is tippling, schmoozing and holding forth exclusively at the Russia-China Bar & Grill. No Westerner seems interested in the Philosophy of Science departments of the East except obscure and neglected academics working from dusty attics.

      The key point to take home, though, is that the USA and the EU do not care at all about their own children's prospects. We creep everyone out on that point, to include even the Muslim non-refugee shysters and genuine enemy operatives biding their time (contrary to popular thought, we know where all of them are on a 24/7 basis.) They think we are mad, and in so many ways they are absolutely correct.

      Americans and the EU do not at core give a damn about their own children. Like all children, they know this and have adjusted their lives accordingly.

      I have a friend who owns a vaping store which is a type of hangout for the "lost boys" of the New Millennium." He has a copy of the famous photograph on the wall of a young pre-March on Munich Hitler clad in his trenchcoat and suit, standing defiantly in a doorway portal, glaring at the camera, oozing vengeance for every slight he had ever suffered both real and imagined. The owner of the poster added a cartoon bubble which has Hitler saying "My mommy and daddy didn't love me so I am going to destroy the world."

      Funny how the Millennials are the only ones who know what is going on in that over a fifty/sixty year time period, through taking the steps to preclude a repetition of the conditions which led to WW II, the West's governments have only more efficiently ensured that the Great Patriotic War's destruction of human life and treasure is going to start all over again.
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      michaelin reply tosupport(Show commentHide comment)
      support, corporatism appears to be the new religion for the west and as such, will lead to its more rapid decline. History repeats, as I am sure that the Durants would agree. :)
    • supportin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, at one time every family household in America had the full set of volumes of Will's & Ariel's lifeworks.

      BTW did you know I have not been able to so much as give away a copy of a single paper from what I call the "L119 documents" on semantic logic as edited by the great Karpenko at the Russian Academy to anyone in the West?

      It is like ignoring Russell's and Whitehead's "Principia Mathematica."

      Sooner than later the West will have its "Colonel Nichols" moment:

    • avatar
      michaelin reply tosupport(Show commentHide comment)
      support, I would believe that about Karpenko's work - he's a very clever boy there. I would like to agree with you about the colonel moment, but I believe from what we have both seen, it is highly unlikely as it needs awareness as part of the individual's conscious state. It is not soemthing that can be brought into being by a glimpse at consequences of actions. Then again, I could have been spending too much time with very badly damaged human beings as well. :)
    • supportin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, it seems there are at least (2) Karpenko Institutes, one in Ukraine and the other in Russia, and more than a few of them in Russian scientific academia.

      With the Colonel Nichols of this world, in the USA it is a question of those who have lost the plot outnumbering those with their heads screwed on correctly. The evidence, if one ignores the Western press but watches what NATO is doing, points to the USA prepping Ukraine, the poles and others for a "by the right flank harch!" when the Vienna 1683 moment comes.

      I do not think the NATO prep on the Russian border is anything but a cloaking ruse. Russia would not stand for what is going on now otherwise and I am sure they are onside as part of the team, if needed.

      Personally I quite like the idea of the Poles and Ukes having a go at the Mad Mullah or whomever is the new incarnaiton of same heads their way. I think they look forward to the event too.

      Just guessing, mind you.
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      Erik Tretein reply tosupport(Show commentHide comment)
      support, TL:DR The main point is that EU/US Sanctions give Russia carte blanche to retaliate economically as they choose w/o regard to WTO rules as long as they are part of the counter sanctions package. For too many years after the collapse of the USSR, western global companies have raped and pillaged the Russian economy. Now, thanks to western sanctions, Russia is able to protect and rebuild its agricultural and industrial base. And People have become patriotic and are buying "made in Russia" again.
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      Mishka Kyiv
      Russia retaliate economically? If only russia had an economy!!!!! What a joke. Let the invading russians beg and whine about sanctions. But no-one listens to them. There will be more sanctions, not less. The world waits for russian mercenary scum (and military) and all their armour, artillery and rockets to leave Ukraine and return to the 4th Reich (sorry, holy mother russia)
    • avatar
      giorgoskaz11in reply toRedBanner(Show commentHide comment)
      RedBanner, I agree with you but its not only the brainwashed American, some European countries, members of EU, prohibited by law the communist parties. This is going to be the official ideology of EU soon and the same time there are not any comments from anyone about the vaffen SS celebrations in Latvia. To a certain extend there are phenomena Weimar republic.
    • avatar
      Mishka Kyiv
      "Phenomena" is plural already. Weimar Republic? Harmless place. Nothing to compare to Hitler 3rd and Putler's 4th Reichs. No-one in dead in Latvia. 10,000 dead Ukrainians have been killed by russian " slavic brothers"
    • R30soarskyesin reply toTGG3(Show commentHide comment)
      TGG3, go fys
      drop deaed
    • avatar
      giorgoskaz11in reply toMishka Kyiv(Show commentHide comment)
      Mishka Kyiv, phenomena corrected, thanks, the rest stays there. What about the prohibition of the communist party in Ukraina?
    • supportin reply toErik Trete(Show commentHide comment)
      Erik Trete, all very good points. Once again, superior Western footmarksmanship triumphs in the universal cause of promoting stupidity.

      I was witness to the freezing famine and unexpected homelessness caused by ruthless American real estate thugs who cheated St. Petersburg residents out of their apartment titles which PM Yeltsin gave them to do with as they pleased. In one instance I bought 10 copies of the St. Petersburg Academic Orchestra's formal recital series on CD for $100.00 from a staffer there. When I asked him what 100 bucks US would buy he answered something like a month's rent, electric, phone and heat, a month's groceries, cigarettes and maybe a night out for him and the missus. (This was 1995 or 1996).

      The Russian Federation really does not need the aggravation of American friendship or even affiliation. I try to tell Russians and other Slavs that most Americans not of that background do not even believe Slavs are people but they laugh at me for saying so. It is true nevertheless. Americans believe it is more right for Slavs to be slaves than it is for any other ethnic group.

      IMO the only American film that faithfully portrays how modern-day Americans think about Slavs is a 1980 movie about the real-life experience of a Ukrainian/Russian immigrant farming group of families in the American West. The film is Michael Cimino's "Heaven's Gate." If you wish a preview of it go to Youtube and look up "Heaven's Gate finale" numbers 1, 2, and 3.

      It is horrifying but based on Russia's current and past experience it is easy to believe.

      Stop repeating your mistakes of kindness, Russia! Such kindness is what cost King Priam Troy. No one ever gives anyone a huge wooden horse without ulterior motives.
    • choticastilein reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, I agree ...
    • avatar
      michaelin reply tochoticastile(Show commentHide comment)
      choticastile, :)
    • avatar
      michaelin reply tosupport(Show commentHide comment)
      support, interesting concept. Something to consider in greater depth, especially, if it were to come about, what then of the increased muslim population in nato countries - their reactions or rather, actions? Especially when one considers several commentators' observations regarding the number of military aged men who have entered the eu in the past several years. :)
    • support
      Typically what are known as inrushings are staffed by those who do not seem to have either a tactical nor a strategic mind. As my veteran Fallujah translator friend explained to me, the only job the immigrants are assigned is to reproduce in record numbers then die in the conflagration by holy edict of their imams. These young men do not care either as when they die their wives back home get a (relatively) huge cash settlement usually paid for out of Western foreign aid to their countries.
    • RedBannerin reply togiorgoskaz11(Show commentHide comment)

      "its not only the brainwashed American"

      But the USA, in order to become the Plutocracy it became, it had to brainwash its own people more than any other! The American people is kind of "in the front lines" on this "battle", IMO.

      "some European countries, members of EU, prohibited by law the communist parties."

      Believe you're talking about (maybe, I'm not 100% sure, but that's my best bet) some Eastern Europe countries, that were part of the former USSR.
      Have no knowledge of any Western European country where their Communist Parties are prohibited by law. But I know of a couple where Fascists, Neo-nazis, extreme far-right Parties, are indeed prohibited by law.

      I guess that is a normal reaction to a recent (XXth century) past.
      In Eastern Europe, we know that some countries, such as Ukraine, Poland, others, that were part of the Warsaw Pact, now, after the fall of the former USSR, may feel anti-communist (even if the former USSR was never, ever, a real Communist country, but that is another long story) . My problem, and that's what I find unacceptable, is that they are also Russophobic!
      Same in Western Europe, where all dictatorships that existed on the XXth century, were either extreme far-right, or fascists, or nazis, hence it's against them that there is a general anti sentiment in those countries.

      "there are not any comments from anyone about the vaffen SS celebrations in Latvia."

      That is indeed most disturbing, commemorating Nazism!...
      Well, they (those old mummies) will all go meet the Creator soon...

      Btw, and because March 20, 2017, will remain in Mankind's History as a day to remember (the cross over of David Rockefeller, probably the most powerful man on this planet, and also the darkest, meanest, most evil creature Mankind had to endure for about a century, is certainly a date that will be remembered in the future!) , I suggest people watch this, especially for those who don't know how powerful David Rockefeller was :

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