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    December 1, 2016. Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers his Annual Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly at the Kremlin's St. George Hall.

    Kremlin Reveals Putin's Attitude to Ideas of Reinstating Monarchy in Russia

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    Russian President Vladimir Putin is not enthusiastic about discussing the idea of the return of monarchy in the country or expansion of his powers as head of state, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Wednesday, referring to a statement of the Crimean head.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — On Tuesday, Republic of Crimea Head Sergei Aksenov said that Russia should reinstate monarchy to better respond to external threats, adding that president needed to have more powers.

    "The president has repeatedly expressed his opinion on this issue, he, let me put it in this way, is not enthusiastic about such ideas," Peskov told reporters.

    Speaking about Aksenov's statement, Peskov stressed that he could not judge his words but considered them to be "a personal opinion" of the Crimean head.

    "I guess he is free to express his personal opinion," Peskov said.

    Answering to the question about possibility of changing the form of governance in Crimea, Kremlin spokesman emphasized that it was impossible to establish "monarchy in a particular region of the Russian Federation."

    He added that it was "absurd" to consider that Aksenov's views could be reflected in his actions as the Crimean head, stressing that there were control mechanisms to prevent it.


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    • choticastile
      Of course its over to Russia as it alone knows and very well too, how to conduct its own affairs. However, even if Vladimir Vladimirovich does become the Tsar of Russia-- it would not change him one bit -- he would remain the same strong but genuinely humble leader he has always been. Some writer heralded Putin as 'incorruptible' and I could not agree more-- His sense of fairness is inherent to his character-- his conscience razor sharp because his attention is in the Right place-- Thus he walks the knife edge every day of his life, because he was born to it.
    • choticastile
      BTW-- I think Crimean Head Sergei Aksenov meant well-- Shows his deep faith in the Russian President, which we all know is not misplaced. Do Russians as a whole realise, that their president is not only genuinely liked by millions around the planet, but that their admiration for him is such that they have actually come to love your revered leader?
    • avatar
      My God, what does it mean he is not enthusiastic? Is he less enthusiastic?
      Or is it , if people want me to be a Char I will not say no. I assure you that will be a new good reason for a new revolution in Russia
    • Korz53
      Reinstating Monarchy in Russia would be insane; The monarchy cost too much ! & no real benefit to Russian people. INSANE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to even discuss its possibility !
    • Korz53in reply togiorgoskaz11(Show commentHide comment)
      giorgoskaz11, "Putin is not enthusiastic" = to, not interested👅, in a polite way of saying it.
    • Korz53in reply tochoticastile(Show commentHide comment)
      choticastile, No not for Putin; they want "The House of Romanov to return to Russia"
      www.fort-russ.com/2015/06/the-house-of-romanov-invited-to-return.html : That would be a very $ costly $ . She is a big pig as is, needs not the wealth of Russia to fatten up more!!.
    • avatar
      giorgoskaz11in reply toKorz53(Show commentHide comment)
      Korz53, well he(Putin) became religious on his 50s, why not a char in his 60s lol
    • Korz53in reply togiorgoskaz11(Show commentHide comment)
      giorgoskaz11, Religious > His a smart man and Russia as not communist need something to fill the void communist left in the Russian psychic; Aristocracy to join that fill will be disastrous.
    • avatar
      giorgoskaz11in reply toKorz53(Show commentHide comment)
      Korz53, It seems you forget that autocracy and religion goes together
    • Korz53in reply togiorgoskaz11(Show commentHide comment)
      giorgoskaz11, No it does not have to be so; Hebrews as a Israel nation had Judaism before they had their first King. Religion was before State government , astronomy, astrology or science . And had established them all in the belief and knowledge of God.
      Israel Asks for a King
      Book of Judges
      1 Samuel 8

    • choticastilein reply toKorz53(Show commentHide comment)
      Korz53, Oh my goodness~ my apologies-- misunderstood completely! Can't even claim it was "lost in translation!" Having a good laugh at myself here...
      Thanks man Korz-- and even though its for Russians to decide, from FR article its clearly a no-go and why carry such a burden, especially when it would not served the Russian people as they deserve. I know Putin must retire at some stage, of all people he has earned it, but by God, we will all miss him dearly. Such a leader comes but once in a century-- then it is purely destined.
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