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    Winter in Crimea

    Out of Question: 'Crimea Cannot Be Subject of Bargaining Between Russia and US'

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    Following the claim that US President Trump is expecting Moscow to return Crimea to Kiev, a Russian lawmaker said that the peninsula is an integral part of Russia and cannot be "subject of bargaining" between Russia and the United States.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Crimea is and will always be part of Russia, the issue is not negotiable under any circumstances, Viktor Ozerov, chairman of the defense committee in the Russian upper house of parliament, told Sputnik on Tuesday.

    White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said earlier on Tuesday that US President Donald Trump expects Russia to de-escalate the situation in Donbass and return Crimea to Ukraine.

    "The issue of Crimea return is absolutely clear — it is part of Russia and it cannot be subject of bargaining between Russia and the United States, no matter what is at stake," Ozerov stressed.

    The lawmaker added that the demand to return Crimea could be compared to Russia demanding from the US to return Alaska, "which is absolutely impossible."

    Ozerov suggested that Spicer's statement could have been an attempt to defuse the tension around Trump and to signal to the US establishment that the president was not as lenient toward Russia as he might seem to be.

    On Monday, Trump's National Security Advisor Michael Flynn announced his decision to resign amid the growing controversy over the leaks to the media about the contents of his conversation with the Russian ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak in December 2016.


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      Darrell R
      I don't know what Trump's game is, but he knows very well that Crimea will always stay with Russia. Crimea returned home because of the strong support of the people that live there, this was the will of the people and not a hostile takeover. Trump knows this as well, in fact he has even stated that himself during his campaign, he even said that they were probably better off with Russia.

      Look at Crimea and look at what has happened to the other territories that didn't return to Russia. Crimea is doing fine and the others have endured the wrath of the government in Kiev. Many homes have been destroyed and lives lost.

      With the west, the will and wellbeing of the people mean nothing, all they want is to turn the Black Sea into a NATO lake, and control the flow of energy.

      President Trump, you need to keep your promises and quit talking this rubbish. If you have any desire to get along with Russia, you know you won't get it with this kind of talk. What's the problem, do you want to be a one term president? You won't get another vote.
    • siberianhusky
      If true then the arrogance and stupidity of the Americans has no boundaries.
    • choticastile
      Laugh of the Day! Oh my hat! -- When, if ever is the USA going to grow up and comprehend that along with the rest of the world, we now are living in the 21st Century!!

      President Trump, sir, you cannot serve God and mammon -- either you stand up against those wishing to see you gone, but placating them is not the way--- The confusing signals you're sending out to the world and especially toward the Russian Federation, are definitely not on....

      You are caving in to those who truly wish ongoing tensions to escalate into an unmentionable situation with Russia and what's more it comes across that you're doing it to save your own bacon.

      Crimea has always been Russian territory and again returned to Russia, from which it had been stolen many decades ago.... This is common knowledge all over the world.

      Live with and get over it-- billions of people globally echo the exact same sentiment: Crimea is at last home, where it belongs-- which is the Russian Federation!!

      The US came and stirred dung in the Ukraine to serve its own dastardly global agenda and now has the infernal temerity and arrogance to make demands that Russia sets right another mess which the US as per usual, created!

      People throughout the world-- which include the peoples of the West, are sick and tired of the US' pathetically arrogant whinging. Get a life!
    • avatar
      I wouldnt take what Spicer said too seriously. Like it was pointed out in the article, the press and corrupt Congress here is desperate to find any connection between Trump and Russia. He has to look like hes holding a hard line so they leave him alone. trump could care less about Crimea and most Americans couldn't find Ukraine on a map
    • avatar
      We should advise Trump first to use his brains before he start to talk !!!
      I have the ide he is lost in Washington !! And the Democrats seems to have make a plan in case that there lost the voting to harm the New government !!!! and there do !!!
      Crimea was Russia before there was a Usa within the borders from today !!!
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