13:29 GMT +323 March 2017
    Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev

    Medvedev: Russia Should Not Hope for Lifting of Sanctions in Near Future

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    Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that it is time to give up illusions that sanctions against Russia would be lifted soon.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Anti-Russia sanctions will not be lifted in the near future and Russians should not hope for results of elections in foreign countries to affect the issue, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Sunday.

    “It is time to give up illusions that sanctions against our country would be lifted. Obviously, everything that occurred will last for a long time. [We] should not hope for foreign elections, for any leaders coming to power in foreign countries [to change the situation with the sanctions],” Medvedev said.


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      Well said. And sign no docs to release them either.
      Time Russia wake up to realities.
      Trump or no Trump sanctions may remain. And may become stronger. They will revise them , knowing will NOT sign them, unless he see solid evidence and a real reason,.
      The SOUR LAME DUCK, used the last days to assure that TRUMP had his hands tied.

      Instead Russia should become much more industrious and a finance banking ICON,

      This will further water down all sanctions. BUT to begin this it MUST do what it must. I'll begin with a NO TAX BREAKS , policy. Everyone to pay taxes unless it have a waiver VALID and validated by Parliament.
      This will renew the coffers. The REAL reason U.S gets a budget that size in part , domestically is because of TAXES.
      So no one will be left behind. REFORMS,... That will happen anyways, but I would do it easily in steps. It could lead to revolts and protests. ANd guess who will be leading the marches.
      THIS is step ONE.. TAXES.

      Get some of the extra resources cash and invest it.. Buy Mc Donald's!!! I would.
      Then , IF they ever leave you can keep the operation with other names. Russian's want to invest... Add bonds ..That will be attached to shares. At that stage it could be 45 to 55%.
      I would go to aircraft manufacturers to seek ways to improve production lines, And DO IT.
      One way could be to create 6 hours shifts!! IF the problem is that. Other use robotics NOT online. What about the people. Get some of the profits to create a POOL to send a monthly check to every Russian in Russia. Immigrants should also benefit. BUT ONLY IF they inside Russian territory. Eventually it could be multiplied and added to CIS EEU that sign a new union agreement under RF. The country remain as many other countries inside RF already.
      LEASES!!!! Russia MUST learn to lease.
      INDIA protection of i8underater facilities. Are you JOKING?
      Russia should had LEASE this in a package. Say the system is good for 10 years with updates.
      I would lease the whole system with personnel to India. And place INDIA into CSTO. That way, ALL system is run and maintained by Russia. BUT readings be preformed by INDIA ONLY. Maintenance, repairs , install, removal, ONLY by Russia with no plans or explanation.
      ALL CSTO members should benefit from this.
      Once old, say 10 years it can be refurbished and sold to other countries. And NO MAKE IN INDIA>
      LOOK at the U.S experience. Jobs lost, infrastructure destroyed. cities the ICONS like Detroit, in shambles worst than a 3rd world country with gangs and mercenaries. REALLY.
      And WAIT Until TRUMP find about OUTSOURCING!!!! INDIA overtook DELL. It was the BEST company, today the complaints are RAMPANT. UGLY BAD, customer service from INDIA!!! You get SUPER FRUSTRATED , they never understand specially if is a complain. Then they EXTRA ARROGANT. And want to do business their way, against customer wishes. Returns are rampant. Veterans disabled are at home and can't work . A real lot. And they outsource INDIA!!
      I would had outsource vets, and let them keep their whole pension and compensation. EVEN is it's unemployability.
      Russia should TAP from this lessons.

      But time to move on . Go get the cash.
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      For over one year I have been writing more and more annoyed by Sputnik's persistent begging and pleading that sanctions will be soon over because one Kebab shop owner on Unter den Linden Strasse complained that his life is ruined because there are no more 5 Russian customers from last year who were spending 10 EUR on his Kebab. Sputnik always presented such story as that because that whole Germany is up and running to overthrow bloody government because Kebab shops are losing few pennies due to sanctions.

      Now sincerely hope that Sputnik will wake up and start to write more proactively and positively about sanctions. It needs to look into Russia and figure out where Russian industry profited due to sanctions and where could be done more. Sputnik Editors need to change attitude and start to boost national pride and confidence. Sputnik needs to be on forefront of media explaining why are sanctions good for Russia and what benefits will come out of them. Sputnik should be pressing Russian government to maintain sanctions from EU and against EU as in both of them Russian industry is the biggest winner.

      Sputnik needs to rise public awareness that before sanctions Russia was just largest energy banana republic as over 70% of GDP was made by energy sector and all profits created was gone to import of anything and everything because Putin's friends oligarchs are ordinary brainless criminals to whom is dead easy control import of western goods and sell it to distributors than it is a seriously running corporations and make money. They are too stupid for honest job. Sputnik should TELL UNTOLD not just from western media but from Russian domestic affairs as well.

      If Sputnik starts to write critically about domestic affairs and positively create public opinion on variety of issues which are related to foreign influence, starting to promote (not advertise) good products MADE IN RUSSIA together with permanent prise of how beneficial are sanctions for building national independence and pressurise government not to drop sanctions, that in itself would trigger panic amongst western politicians as they would realise that even after their governments lift sanctions there will be no relief for them as new Russian kids are now in block filled in the gap their government created. Sputnik should lead campaign to introduce levies and high import tax on everything coming from west.

      That would reduce profits to criminal oligarchs and to western manufacturers but it would be on a long run immensely profitable for Russian Nation.
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      double bonus
      [“It is time to give up illusions that sanctions against our country would be lifted. Obviously, everything that occurred will last for a long time. [We] should not hope for foreign elections, for any leaders coming to power in foreign countries [to change the situation with the sanctions],” Medvedev said.]

      Not with hope?
      Try meeting with Trump and asking him what is necessary to lift them?
      Only Trump can do that.
      No one else can read his mind or speak for him on this issue.

      I would have wished that he would have already revoked ALL of them by now?
      But honestly, I'm just someone writing words on a Sputnik News Article page.
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      PaleRiderin reply tocast235(Show commentHide comment)
      cast235 and Double Bonus, I will be looking frorward to the day I write you both and say "I told you so" as the sanctions are lifted.

      Slimyfox, I agree sanctions were a weak up call for Russia (as they would be for other countries) on "dependency" but trade is good as well. Hopefully a lesson was learned by this experience.
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