19:44 GMT +330 March 2017
    Russia's S-400

    Russia's Western Military District to Get Four S-400 Missile Systems in 2017

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    The Russian Aerospace Forces and the Western Military District's air defense will be equipped with four new sets of advanced S-400 Triumf missile systems this year, the Russian Defense Ministry said Friday.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) The ministry's press service said Thursday that four sets of the air defense systems were expected to equip the Aerospace Forces in 2017. This year's first regiment armed with S-400 entered combat duty in Moscow Region.

    "The soldiers will soon begin the planned training of operating and applying the new technology. The systems will be part of Northwest Russia's air defense system," Western Military District spokesman Col. Igor Muginov said.

    Russia's anti-aircraft missile regiment armed with the S-400 Triumf system has entered combat duty in Crimea, the Southern Military District said Friday.

    "The regiment's personnel successfully passed retraining, and training missile launches took place in August last year as part of Kavkaz-2016 strategic command-and-staff exercise," the district's press service said.

    It said the S-400s equipped the Guards Air Defense Missile Regiment of Sevastopol and Feodosia in 2016.

    S-400 Triumf (NATO reporting name SA-21 Growler) is Russia's most advanced surface-to-air missile system that has a range of 400 kilometers (248 miles) and is capable of tracking and destroying all existing aerial targets, including ballistic and cruise missiles.

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      S 350 is way easier to build and deploy. I would surround Russia and add many inside.
      Specially IF it's cheaper.
      This shouldn't delay or hamper S400 complexes development. And time to bring the S500!!
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      The S-400 system is a homeland defence configuration with a maximum range of 400km. Once can say is a system to shot down income missiles or any aircraft into Russia territory. This may means that Russia is thinking having a mini NATO war, or mini WWIII, in order to discourage further deepening of any armed conflict in Europe. Perhaps the strategy of Russia is to demonstrate that any attack onto Russia is futile. Russia does not expect to organize any counterattack. This strategy is very, very risked, because any defence system can be statistically vulnerable to decoy and a missiles with a nuke head can penetrate any antimissile system. That is why I keeping saying that Russia must give clear indication of zero tolerance to mini NATO war or mini WWIII. The USA will never give up its ambitions of being the only superpower in the world. Consequently, Russia, China and North Korea must unify strategies to have a nuke war with the USA and win or at least guarantee mutual destruction.
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      more good news.
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