08:41 GMT11 May 2021
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    Russia’s legendary GAZ-3308 Sadko truck is winning enthusiastic thumbs-up in Syria with its maintenance-friendly design and great off-road performance.

    Used to move around soldiers, weapons and ammunition, the Sadko truck is now being used as a platform for a 57 mm gun and for the rocket-powered mine-clearing system UR-83P.

    Photographs of a Sadko truck with a Vulkan multiple rocket launcher mounted on its chassis recently appeared online.

    ​The Vulkan was developed by Syrian engineers and uses ordnance from other systems, including 122 mm shells fired by Grad multiple rocket launchers.

    The Vulkan system, which has a comparatively short effective range of fire, is predominantly used against visible targets, above all terrorist positions.

    It can also be mounted on a BMP-1 and other types of armored vehicles.

    The GAZ-3308 Sadko is a 2.5-ton, four-wheel-drive truck developed on the basis of its predecessor – the GAZ-66.

    It is an excellent off-road vehicle capable of moving fast on rugged terrain – a quality that makes it especially dear to the Syrian military.

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