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    While there's no magic pill that can erase a hangover, there are things you can do to feel a little better the next day. The next time you have a wild night, ease the ensuing headache and nausea with these eight hangover cures Russians usually go for to chase away the morning-after blues.

    1. Mineral water

    The more water you drink the morning after the better because it washes out toxins. Mineral water restores the salt-water balance in your system.

    Just make sure to let the bubbles bubbles out and take in three half-glasses a day. In Russia people traditionally go for Borjomi — a brand of naturally carbonated mineral water from springs of the Borjomi Gorge in central Georgia.

    2. Juice

    Doctors say that liquid vitamins are a real Godsend for a booze-irritated stomach, but drinking vegetable juices is still the best way to go because, in addition to vitamins, it fills you up with vitally important minerals.

    3. Cabbage brine

    A healthy intake of sauerkraut or pickled cucumber brine is the traditional Russian cure for hangover. A perfect combination of minerals and salt will quickly make up for the loss of vitamins that make us tick.

    4. Green tea with honey

    With its ideal combination of fructose, potassium and magnesium honey is one of the best means of fighting a hangover. As for  green tea, it is full of antioxidants, which flush out health-threatening toxins.

    A cup of tea with rosemary will normalize your vegetative system and chamomile-and-mint tea will make your stomach feel better.


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    5. Ayran, yogurt

    Fermented milk products are a perfect means of “pacifying” an irritated stomach suffering from the culinary excesses of the previous night.

    In Turkey yogurt is considered the best means of easing a hangover.

    6. Banana cocktail

    Take two bananas, a cup of milk and two teaspoons of honey, mix it in a blender and slowly take it down. A tried-and-true British recipe. Milk is an excellent absorbent, honey is pure glucose and a banana is full of “fast” carbohydrates.

    7. Hash, meat or chicken jelly

    Meat or chicken broth is a good means of making your stomach feel better and stop a headache. As for the Armenian “hash” (meat jelly), it is a perfect cure for morning nausea, just like its Russian counterpart warmed up in a microwave.

    8. Cold vegetable and meat soup

    A mix of yesterday’s leftovers: chopped fresh or pickled cucumbers, boiled veal and beef and a several olives. Pour over some brine and voila! – a delicious soup that will quickly make up for the loss of liquids, which causes a headache, and potassium, magnesium and sodium.

    And how about this for sobering science: "moderate drinking" by a man is defined as two drinks a day. Over five in one sitting is considered "heavy drinking." So think before you order that extra round.

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