04:49 GMT +322 February 2017
    An unnamed gunman gestures after shooting the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, at a photo gallery in Ankara, Turkey, Monday, Dec. 19, 2016

    Gunman Who Killed Russian Ambassador in Turkey Was a Police Officer

    © AP Photo/ Burhan Ozbilici
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    Assassination of Russian Ambassador in Turkey (119)

    The Turkish police officer who killed Russian Ambassador Andrew Karlov has been identified as Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş of the Ankara Riot police.

    Altıntaş, 22, was a graduate of Izmir Police School. He was not on duty when he made the attack at an art gallery on Monday, according to two Turkish Security sources who spoke to Reuters.

    Russia's foreign ministry confirmed that the ambassador, Andrew Karlov, had died in the attack. Altıntaş was shot and killed after assassinating Karlov.

    Maria Zakharova, the spokeswoman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has announced that they qualify the assassination as a terrorist attack.

    "We qualify what happened as a terror attack. We are currently in contact with Turkish authorities who are assuring us that a thorough, comprehensive investigation will be conducted," Zakharova stated.

    The Turkish government has now sent special forces to increase security measures near the Russian Embassy.

    İbrahim Melih Gökçek, the mayor of Ankara, speculated that Altıntaş may have been a member of a terrorist organization and related to Fethullah Gulen.

    Shortly after the attack, the home of Altıntaş was raided by Turkish police, Rudaw English reported. His mother and sister have been detained by police as the search of the house continues.

    Assassination of Russian Ambassador in Turkey (119)
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      Sad! But this assassination is sure not a randomly incident but will complicated many nations.
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      The door is now thrown open for ambassadors of certain countries as targets.
      The plot gets interesting.
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      teddy j
      the cia probably paid him.
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      teddy jin reply tocopius(Show commentHide comment)

      this is part of the USA'S openly declared "we will punish russia -- at the moment of our choosing -- 'by all means possible. "

      the rogue criminal USA govt and its ruling class have now gone beyond ANY known limits to global affairs and norms.
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      anne00mariein reply toteddy j(Show commentHide comment)
      teddy j, No doubt to upset the Russia-Turkey meeting in Moscow tomorrow. Also, owing to Turkey having warmer relations with Russia and hurt the Turkstream. No doubt, Russia is fully aware exactly who is behind it and what their agenda is. Sympathy to the family.
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      Congratulations to Turkey's police for killing the killer. This is also Erdogan's problem. It is very serious.
    • Mikhas
      Yes very convenient to pull Gulen out of their *ss again. US is no doubt the mastermind but they can get any Turkish monkey in a suit for that,
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      Erik Trete
      The Turkish Government is always too quick to blame either the PKK or Fethullah Gulen when anything bad happens - not unlike how the US always plays the Russia did it card. This more likely the work of the many islamist Takfiri which Ankara had given free reign to in recent years, including training, funding, weapons, transport, etc. Now that Ankara is being forced to a more moderate path, the backlash has begun.
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      teddy jin reply toanne00marie(Show commentHide comment)

      so true, anne00marie !!

      what else is there possible at this point? the hollow-man obama and his kind strategically, tactically, are defeated by putin/russia - in the eyes of the world they have been exposed collectively for what they are however much they scream and obfuscate even as their machinations are there for all to see -- morally, ethically - russia has the high ground - they are rotten zombies who are no less than the creators of terrorism itself.

      so what do they do? lash out in as many ways they can - even in ways that actually ANNOUNCE to the world 'we will use everything at our disposal" - and they will naturally maintain their 'russia is a threat, putin is a threat, barbaric, savage committed war crimes, '' -- utterly oblivious that NO ONE believes them -- so they have nothing left to do but do what they do ANYWAY -- pretense or no..

      and this means -- they have basically openly declared ''open season" on actual russian officials - including ANYONE they can get their sights on. this is a VERY, very serious escalation now . world leaders need to be permanently degrees more careful from now on, imo.

      i am convinced that ''daily briefings" of the american/western totalitarians -- government or private settings -- one way or another INCLUDE assassination attempts against the leaders of especially russia, iran, china. i have no doubt about that. ..as to whether it can be activated as ''opportunities arise' - even on an hourly basis.
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      More than likely Washington behind it somehow, sure they are upset about Russia and Turkeys closer ties and Turkey helping Russia out in Syria
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      Cia and it's branch(feto) in Turkey!So clear...
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      Erik Tretein reply tosilkwillie(Show commentHide comment)
      silkwillie, This will only result in Turkey becoming more accommodating to Russia in a effort to repair the damage. Even the US could figure that out.
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      An after the coup and all the following purging and vetting this guy somehow slipped through....Russia needs to slow down the Turkey bromance and face reality....Turkey and its government are not what they pretend.
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      Erdogan keeps firing and arresting people., but he can't sort them all out. This is a warning to Erdogan as much as for Russia. Erdogan has rogue police who are able to breach security. That's a big problem.

      I would think it was a plot againt Russia if I didn't know Erdogan keeps trying to find these rogue police and other government workers and can't get them all. I stopped counting, but I think it is around 70,000

    • Igor R
      At least 14 US Coalition military officers were captured last week in an East Aleppo bunker by Syrian Special Forces. Does anyone see a connection here? There was a Turkish officer as well.
    • Jammyin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, Yes killing the killer is very convinent and they did that with JFK too the bankers did and we all know who now runs the USA

      RT news is sending out very mixed signal about this incident and on the one hand they interview an "expert" who very much points the finger at Turkey being in bed with the USA and says they are playing games but then Mr Putin speaks and says that someone is trying to break up the relations between Turkey and Russia

      I don't know the truth and we can all find "Experts" that will say anything they are told but i tend to think the expert is closer to the truth than Mr Putin and Turkey should never be trusted and it's yet another stab in the back for Russia but what would i know

      Lets face it they was never going to use Edagons bes friend to knock him off was they but i am sure that ISIS will ring up tomorrow and say it's them , rinse and repeat
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