07:01 GMT25 July 2021
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    Vladimir Putin has revealed what he enjoys about being the Russian president.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday during a conversation with the workers of the 'Avtodizel' plant in Russia's Yaroslavl Region that the benefits of his job do not differ much from the pluses of working at a plant.

    "The most positive aspect of my job does not differ from your's — when it brings satisfaction and you achieve goals you set for yourself, when you're doing something important, necessary and good, it's beneficial for you and those for whom you work, that's the greatest satisfaction when you're satisfied with the results [of your work]", Putin said.

    Speaking about the negative aspects of his work, the Russian leader said that there are a lot of negative emotions, but "nothing can be done."

    "… when something goes wrong or when somebody lets you down, when you face other unexpected circumstances, but this is the delight of our work as we are able to overcome these difficulties and achieve the desired result," the Russian president concluded.


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