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    Alexandra Guseva aka Lady Sasha, a Lady Gaga look-a-like from Russia

    Born This Way: Russian 'Lady Gaga' Becomes Newest Game of Thrones Star

    © Photo: Alexandra Guseva
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    A Lady Gaga look-a-like from Russia has just landed a role in Game of Thrones, despite never watching it! Rising sensation Alexandra Guseva spoke to Sputnik about her life and career, revealing some of her deepest secrets along the way.

    Regina Konstantinova — In an interview to Sputnik, the Russian look-a-like of the iconic megastar shared the secrets of her growing popularity and some details on her upcoming role in the epic fantasy TV series.

    "In 2008, I was dancing in a show called 'Lisa,' a typical women's cabaret in the city of Samara. That's where I made friends who first remarked on my similarity to Lady Gaga. At that time I was blonde," Alexandra aka Lady Sasha said.

    Alexandra Guseva's Monster Show
    Alexandra Guseva's "Monster Show"

    The friends suggested she dress up like the pop star for fun. When Alexandra finally appeared at one of her shows dressed and made up like Lady Gaga, the public was amazed by the resemblance.

    Later, the 'Lisa' group fell apart when Lady Sasha started to perform solo. "Usually my shows were interactive and had 50% live sound and 50% pre-recorded," Alexandra explained. Gaga's Russian counterpart even held autograph sessions, which were extremely popular.

    Alexandra Guseva's Lady Sasha performance
    Alexandra Guseva's "Lady Sasha" performance

    "It was already 2012, when I understood that I won't find a better producer than myself. So, I continued my career on my own. And I still do it to this day."

    As Alexandra's popularity in Russia grew, some journalists began making up stories that she was a transsexual, while others flatly rejected this information.

    "To be honest, I've had some surgery done. I've done lips, eyes, breasts and buttocks; however, those were done for myself, not to make me look more like Lady Gaga," Sasha told Sputnik.

    Neither has she rejected her gender reassignment: "Now that I'm strong enough, I can say that it's true. Before moving abroad, I participated in a show, which soon will be aired on Russian TV. There I will reveal the whole hard and sad story of my life. I was hurt and lonely, and all my friends turned their backs on me. But I just knew that I should be a girl from birth," Alexandra claimed.

    Alexandra Guseva's Lady Sasha performance in Moscow
    Alexandra Guseva's "Lady Sasha" performance in Moscow

    So it's not only Sasha's appearance which is similar to Lady Gaga. There's something more on the inside. Known for her LGBT rights support, the openly bisexual American singer even has a verse about survival in one of her biggest hits Born This Way: "No matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgender life. I'm on the right track, baby. I was born to survive."

    The rising Russian star Lady Sasha is focused on her career.

    "Now I understand that I need to move forward and to shy away from copying Lady Gaga. I hope to become an actor or chose something else in the artistic sphere."

    Recently, Alexandra moved to Barcelona. By a lucky accident a closed casting for the newest season of the Game of Thrones series was held in one of the city's clubs.

    "Purely by chance I came across a friend who works in their production team. He invited me to the audition and told the directors that the Russian Lady Gaga is on her way. They were all looking forward to see me, and I was really nervous. So, I read a monologue with my bad English, which they obviously didn't like," Sasha commented.

    However, the young and charming lady still made an impression on them.

    "They took a little time to think it over and said they wanted to see me in the role of a sexy mythical creature with less speech." According to Alexandra, at first her antihero will appear in one episode, but then she will become a permanent background actor.

    "I signed a contract and was told to wait," she continued. Shooting begins in about two months. As I've never seen any Game of Thrones, I have these two months to catch up and learn the history of the series."

    Alexandra Guseva aka Lady Sasha
    Alexandra Guseva aka Lady Sasha

    Who knows, maybe the Mother Monster's counterpart will now provide some competition to the Mother of Dragons aka Daenerys Targaryen, played by Emilia Clarke.

    "One thing I can guarantee you is that I'm going to be a sensation!" Alexandra concluded.


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