04:58 GMT27 October 2020
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    Do you sometimes wish your car could fly or become invisible? It seems that in Russia, anything is possible, and a recent incident reported in a city southeast of Moscow proves that a Ford Focus was spotted flying at speed of 1,418 km per hour.

    An automatic system tasked with tracking traffic violations spotted a Ford Focus travelling at speed of 1,418 km per hour in Oryol, Russia. For comparison's sake, the speed of sound is about 1,234.8 km per hour.

    However, the Ford Focus had simply fallen victim to a technical error in the system, which often records violations of traffic rules incorrectly, the General Prosecutor’s Office reported.

    Earlier, a roadside camera in Tatarstan detected a Hyundai going above the pokey speed limit of 22 km per hour. The interesting thing about this incident is that the car was actually driven by a tow truck, making it impossible for the car to move at all.

    A similar accident happened with a Honda, whose owner nearly got fined for his car’s shadow crossing a fuel-line.

    According to Russia's General Prosecutor's Office, the traffic police will not take up such cases, so drivers have nothing to worry about.


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