10:07 GMT27 July 2021
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    The Crimean peninsula presents the ideal conditions for farming oysters, Sevastyanov Dionisiy, General Director of Crimean Seafood, told Sputnik.

    Crimean farmers have reached agreement with French suppliers to build an oyster farm on the peninsula, RIA Novosti reported on Monday.

    The farm will be located close to an existing mollusk farm at Donuzlav Bay, the deepest lake in Crimea which is located on the west of the peninsula.

    General Director of "Crimean Seafood" Sevastyanov Dionisiy told Sputnik that the region provides the ideal conditions for oyster farming.

    "The French have to desalinate their sea water (at an oyster farm) but the water in the Black Sea has a lower salt content, just 18 parts per million (ppm), which is the necessary amount of salt that the French get artificially," he explained.

    Dionisiy said that the farm aims to sell its produce in France, Spain and other European countries, recalling a time when the region was a major exporter of seafood. 

    "As soon as the farm is built we aim to produce real Crimean oysters. According to historical data, Crimea delivered tens of million of oysters to France before the revolution … after construction, our French partners are going to help us to create that unmistakable, delicious quality which the French have reached through years of practice."

    "Our suppliers and partners in this business look very favorably on Russia, they are not involved in political processes which are currently going on in Europe and Russia. First of all, every company considers its own business development, and love and interest towards that business."

    Crimean Seafood has made agreements with three French companies. One will carry out project-management, another will deliver the farming equipment and the third will work on the installation and water-filtering to ensure the right water quality. The first specialists will travel from France to Crimea next month, Dionisiy said.

    "Regardless of the fact that this (oysters) is a very popular product in France, there not that many firms which concern themselves with the construction or organization of oyster farms. There are literally less than 20, while there are hundreds of oyster farms in France."

    Bringing their business to Crimea, the French oyster producers are following in the footsteps of wine producers from Italy and France. In July a representative of French wine-maker Liber Pater Bordeaux visited Crimea and announced the company's intention to set up a joint venture there with Russia's Vinteks, which already produces wine in Krasnodarskiy Kray, RIA Novosti reported.

    Crimea's Development Corporation also announced in July that Italian company Ecologia e Ambiente is examining land plots with the intention of investing 300 million euros ($331 million) in Crimean viticulture and wine-making.


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