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    According to urban legend, the original recipe for Coca Cola included cocaine because the cocoa leaves used were not purified as they are today. Some say that trace amounts of the stimulant are still present in today's recipe

    Russian Scientist Finds Healthy Alternative to Coke, ‘Energy’ Drinks

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    In an interview with Sputnik, Russian neurologist Rustem Samigullin spoke about IdrinQ - a newly developed potion which he said could change the people’s opinion about "energy drinks" and offers everyone an easy way to stay healthy and fit.

    During the 1990s, Samigullin led a team of researchers studying the effects of the alpha lipoic acid on diabetes patients suffering from nervous pathology.

    “We proved that intravenous injections of alpha lipoic acid tended to slow down and reverse the disease. However, such intravenous infections are not cheap and not everyone can accord them, especially in the Third World countries,” Samigullin said.

    After their effort to treat patients with alpha lipoic pills proved ineffective, the team decided to experiment with a more comfortable liquid form.

    “But the problem is that the alpha lipoic acid tastes just awfully. You take a sip or two and a minute later you throw up. That’s why we put this whole idea of a daily diabetic drink on hold,” Samigullin added.

    The team then decided to mix French-made amino acid L-arginine, a potent aphrodisiac, with the alpha lipoic acid. With the help of German scientist Klaus Vessel, a good friend of Simagullin’s, they managed to make the energy drink more palatable.

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    The effect of this combination didn’t take long coming as people could now walk a long way without feeling tired!

    “A few days later, we realized that why not make this drink available to all people, to make them feel healthy and fit and get rid of all this poisonous stuff they call ‘energy drinks,’” Rustem said, adding that Red Bull, Monster and other so-called “energizers” were just stimulants.

    “Sugar is the only energy they have with all the rest being just stimulants. All they do is send your blood pressure up and make you feel active while [IdrinQ] improves blood circulation and burns the sugar in your cells,” he emphasized.

    Even though it has already been patented in many countries, IdrinQ is little known on the market.

    “In the food market you can come up with the best product around but if you have no money to advertise it will simply not be happening. We hoped that as soon as someone like Red Bull learned about us they would buy us up and start making a decent product instead of poisoning people, but no one seems interested simply because we are small and no one has heard about us,” Rustem Samigullin complained.


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