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    Russian President Vladimir Putin gives a speech during an awards ceremony for Russia's Olympians in Moscow's Kremlin in Moscow, Russia

    Leaked Memos Show George Soros Plotted to Oust Putin, Destabilize Russia

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    The Hungarian billionaire appeared to have a fascination with not just fostering but creating anti-Putin opposition forces inside of Russia in a bid to destabilize the country.

    The recent DC Leaks document dump of over 2,500 documents from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations illustrates a disturbing trend by the billionaire of using his wealth and influence to sow chaos across the world in a bid to profit off of global suffering and impose neoliberal ideas on an international scale.

    The leaks have already exposed Soros’ efforts to destabilize the European Union by promoting a policy of open borders and mass migration and fracturing Ukraine’s government by fomenting an illegal coup of a democratically elected government using neo-Nazi hardliners. Once dubbed the “puppet master” by the fanatical Glenn Beck, Soros has also been linked to both corruption in the United States and, according to some, positive social reform in his funding of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

    Yet the man who has brought regimes around the world to their knees has long wanted to bring Putin’s government crashing down, but has proven unsuccessful time and again. New memos from the DC Leaks file dump show that this failure to oust Putin wasn’t for lack of trying on the part of Soros.

    In a November 2012 document titled “OSF [Open Society Foundation] Russia Strategic Planning Meeting Notes” a team of anti-Putin international experts sat down to discuss how to "identify joint priorities for OSF’s Russia activities in the coming year. How can we most effectively collaborate, considering the deteriorating political environment for our partners?"

    Whereas that seems benign, the document minutes show that the meeting’s participants hoped that Medvedev’s years as president would provide "an opening" for the Open Society Foundations to influence and rattle the Russian government. A hope that disappeared when Putin returned to office.

    "The Medvedev period allowed for a number of improvements and significant openings for NGOs… However, pressure has come back very quickly in the short time that Putin has been back in power."

    The NGO operation became quickly distrusted in Russia following the botched "Maidan like" protests which were immediately dismantled before it could threaten the Russian government.

    "The Russian protests deeply affected the life of NGO’s," read the minutes. The meeting explains that the government had attempted to encourage civil opposition by providing funds, "but by encouraging self-organization, they had opened up Pandora’s Box… the door was opened for self-mobilization."

    The document proceeded to provide an extensive bullet point list of "what must be done" in order to destabilize Russia including working to flood the country with migrants and influencing the country’s media operations.

    The memo was followed up with what was called "the Russia Project" which called for identifying and organizing opponents to Putin, advancing principles of globalism, and undermine Russia’s image in the lead up to the Sochi Winter Olympics.


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    • Marc Nonnenkampin reply toAngus Gallagher(Show commentHide comment)
      Angus Gallagher, the unemployment rate in Germany was actually starting to decline (and the economy was starting to improve) shortly before Hitler was appointed Chancellor - he merely got the credit for what was already starting to happen (sort of like Roosevelt in the USA).
    • Marc Nonnenkamp
      Soros (aka the New World Order, etc.) want "regime change" in many countries. Their most "ambitious" goals are in Russia and China. Their biggest recent "success" was in Brazil. When will their madness come to an end?
    • Angus Gallagherin reply toMarc Nonnenkamp(Show commentHide comment)
      Marc NonnenkampMarc Nonnenkamp, yes, that's a very good point. I believe the autobahns where actually conceived during the Weimar Republic also. It's strange how in the West these myths have always lingered.
    • Marc Nonnenkampin reply toAngus Gallagher(Show commentHide comment)
      Angus Gallagher, and the list goes on. For instance, some of the ignorant say that Hitler "invented" the VW Beetle. How moronic! Ferdinand Porsche, Sr. launched his idea of the car in 1931 (thus the actual concept had to precede it). Or the idea of "Anschluss" (union) between Germany and Austria. A democratically elected government before that of Hitler's (led by the Catholic Center Party) wanted this (as did the Austrians themselves) but France blocked it. So what was the outcome? The bozos in Paris and London decided it was okay when Hitler did it in early 1938.
    • Angus Gallagherin reply toMarc Nonnenkamp(Show commentHide comment)
      Marc Nonnenkamp, yes, I believe they were relying on Mussolini to hold the Brenner Pass right up to 1938.
    • Marc Nonnenkampin reply toAngus Gallagher(Show commentHide comment)
      Angus Gallagher, the truth is even crazier and worse. Hitler abandoned the ethnic Germans of the South Tyrol because Italy was his ally. The plan of Berlin and Rome called for the eventual "resettlement" of these good people to the Crimea. Thank God it never took place. The next point is that they were drafted into Wehrmacht, much like the inhabitants of the Alsace-Lorraine and Luxembourg. A really novel concept would be for politicians to never forcefully "resettle" anyone ever again. Ethnic cleansing is a crime, period.
    • Angus Gallagherin reply toMarc Nonnenkamp(Show commentHide comment)
      Marc Nonnenkamp, thanks god that never happened! I definitely remember certain towns north of Bolzano in Italy had German names. I wonder if that's a result of the Germanic invasions of Alpine Italy, rather than settlement under the Innsbruck wing of the Holy Roman Empire in the Middle Ages.
    • Hermes
      ........The leaks have already exposed Soros’ efforts to destabilize the European Union by promoting a policy of open borders and mass migration.........

      The ones that started the destabilization of europe by mass immigration decades ago were the moscow influenced communist parties in Europe who were the strongest advocates of mass immigration as far as I can remember. So Moscow and Soros have something in common. Just take a look of who took hold of all the money after the 1991 'revolution'
      That's when all these jewish oligarchs appeared in Russia. The same that later took over Ukraine.
      The problem goes much deeper than Soros who is just doing what Barbara Spectre asked all the jews to do.
    • Marc Nonnenkampin reply toAngus Gallagher(Show commentHide comment)
      Angus Gallagher, no, not at all. One must remember that human settlement in the old days was not so sinister as in the modern era. The South Tyrol is historically German and Ladin speaking. They were part of Austria for a very long time, and their language is closely related to Austrian and Bavarian German. They became the victims of Austria's surrender at the end of World War One, and of ambitious Italian nationalist politicians in Rome. The latter wanted to annex the likes of the Tyrol, Italian Switzerland, SE France (around Nice or "Nizza" and Monaco), the Dalmatian coast, Albania, Greece and beyond.
    • avatar
      Marques rouges
      Two points :
      1. You have to be aware that it's not only Soros... a good part of these people act together, they don't just follow order "from above", they take initiatives by themselves.
      2. Infiltrating and manipulating far-right, alt-right or whatever name you call these groups - neo-nazis in Ukraine - is actually happening all over Europe, this seems to be an important strategy of the "chosen" community (at least a part of this community).
    • avatar
      Soros is bad... believe it... he's funding all sorts of nasty little color revolutionary groups like the Right Sector (in the Ukraine), Voina (in Russia) and Black Lives Matter.
      I understand that Russia has a standing arrest order on Soros because oncs they got their stock exchange up and running, Soros and his associates in Russia installed a high frequency trading computer and attempted to take over the Russian stock exchange.... the Russians managed to shut the exchange down before Soros wound up owning the whole country. We're talking $billions or more stolen in mere seconds.
      Yeah... if Putin wanted to send a real signal loud and clear to the western oligarchs... Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bushs, Clintons and Windsors... all he need do is assassinate and/or disappear Soros.
    • avatar
      Appalling but then the world seems to be getting a little worse every day.
    • Selectric Typeball
      Correction: Hungarian "Jew" Billionaire.
      Yes, it does MATTER in this specific case.
    • avatar
      who is behind DC Leaks?
    • Rogerio de Oliveirain reply toAnn(Show commentHide comment)
      Ann, Hi Ann. I’m stating the point that certain people with a lot of money believe that they have the right to use their influence, wealth and power to make decisions for other less fortunate people in the world as if they have a divine right to do so. Many Oligarquía’s has a worldview (believe system) that they are superior to the rest of the people. They believe that following their globalist plans will benefit the world regardless of who has to suffer as long as they get their way. The world is comprised of many cultural, religious and ethic beliefs but I stand on the fact that despite our diversities we can unite through diplomatic compromise. Western democracy for instance is not a global world blue print that can or should be forced into the rest of the World. George Soros seems to believe that he has the right to do so as he falls into the small supreme groups that I refer to as Oligarquía.
    • avatar
      I have an idea...
      Hey President Putin! Pull together an elite squad of Spetznaz trained snipers and take Soros, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers OUT... preferably where it will be noticed the next morning. It will take something along those lines to make the rest of these NWO slimeballs climb back under the rock that spawned them!
    • avatar
      Darrell R
      Imagine that, a billionaire trying to destabilize the world in attempt to profit. Why am I not surprised?
    • Annin reply toRogerio de Oliveira(Show commentHide comment)
      Rogerio de Oliveira, Absolutely!
    • avatar
      Ignacio Beltrán
      George Soros, one of the richest men in the world, is a M I S E R A B L E . Most are, by the way.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      Soros needs to be straightened out ..........now that Putin knows what Soros has been up to through WIKILEAKS , he can now figure out how to deal with him......
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