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    A Mil Mi-28-NE Havoc [Night Hunter] attack helicopter

    Russia’s 'Night Hunter' Helicopter Gunship to Become Immune to Enemy Fire

    © Sputnik / Sergey Pyatakov
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    The latest, upgraded, version of Russia’s Mi-28N “Night Hunter” helicopter gunship will be virtually invulnerable to enemy fire, Zvezda TV reported.

    Even though it looks much like its predecessor, the Mi-28NM boasts the latest and most innovative materials available and is armed with the most advanced active defense systems money can buy.

    The “Night Hunter” is also equipped with circular-view radar previously installed on export models only. However, according to the makers of the “Night Hunter”, the NO25E radar offers a notable improvement over even the export-oriented unit.

    Another thing making the souped-up Mi-28NM so special is its unique laser system designed to deflect all existing heat-seeking missiles.

    The moment the system “learns” about the helicopter being illuminated by enemy radar, it creates an invisible “fire cloud” near the rotorcraft effectively deflecting incoming missiles which, failing to engage their imaginary target, self-destruct.

    Improved rotor blades will add 10 percent to the helicopters’ maximum speed of 340 kilometers per hour.


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