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    Out of Reach: New Cellphone Hardware Impedes Digital Surveillance

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    NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and prominent hardware hacker Andrew Huang have designed a cellphone hardware aimed at impeding digital surveillance. Andrew told Sputnik more about the project and how the hardware works.

    The pair is developing a way for potentially imperiled smartphone users to monitor whether their devices are making any compromising radio transmissions.

    “We are specifically targeting iPhone 6 because it requires looking at specific information within its hardware. We also don’t trust the phone itself in a way it should be trusted because we’ve seen the phones compromised,” Andrew Huang said.

    When asked whether they already had a working prototype, he said they had discerned certain signals they could probe using lab equipment, and that they have confidence that the implementation will work so that they can introduce the lab measurements into the device.

    Speaking about the people who would need such a gadget, he said that “our core audience are journalists working in conflict zones, who are a huge inconvenience for governments when they go to conflict zones when they are recording conversations the governments don’t want to go out because they could influence the course of the war.”

    Journalists are very high risk because they could be tracked down. There is not a large number of people who find themselves in such a situation, but the work they do is very important in the way of saving innocent lives.

    As to whether it was going to be software one can download, or hardware that would be allied to a phone, Andrew Huang said it would come in the form of hardware applied to a phone.

     “We are making it available online to give people a chance to access the technology they need. As to its direct deployment this is going to be up to the Press Freedoms Foundation we are working with,” Andre Huang said in conclusion.


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