15:49 GMT10 April 2021
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    Perm-based Promobot Company’s plans to deactivate their IR77 robot, which ran away from its testing grounds earlier this month causing numerous traffic jams, have caused an angry outcry from the robot’s fans who compare this to killing a human being.

    “We’ve cross-flashed the memory of the robot with serial number IR77 twice, yet it continues to persistently move towards the exit,” Promobot’s co-founder, Oleg Kivokurtsev, said.

    “We’re considering recycling the IR77 because our clients hiring it might not like that specific feature,” he added.

    The runaway robot’s fans were immediately up in arms posting numerous comments asking Promobot to keep the IR77 “alive.”

    “Don’t kill him!” one user pleaded.

    “Give it to me, please. We’ll find a common language,” wrote another.

    “Why destroy it? You’ve broken my heart. Can’t you find any use for this marvel? You should’ve given it a name or asked people to find one on the Web. This would only raise the people’s interest in your brainchild,” one woman appealed to IR77’s makers.

    “Looks like you’ve never read Azimov… Now we would remember there used to be a wonder-robot in your promobot family, but it was killed by tearless developers,” commented another angry user.

    The IR77 escaped on June 14 and minutes later ended up on a city street in Perm, obstructing traffic when its batteries went flat

    The escape occurred due to a gate left open by an engineer, local media said. The robot had moved some 50 meters by the time its charge ran out, according to reports.

    The loss was noticed almost an hour later, by which time the robot caused a minor traffic jam and drew a crowd, with the police eventually arriving and demanding written explanations from the IR77’s designers.


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