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    Run Silent, Run Scared: Russian Sub Hunter to Tote Powerful New Bomb

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    Russian engineers are working to adapt the all-new Zagon-2 antisubmarine corrected air bomb for use by Mi-14 helicopters, RIA Novosti wrote citing Techmash Concern’s CEO Sergei Rusakov.

    “The Zagon-2 antisubmarine bomb developed by the Scientific Research Institute of Engineering was originally intended for use by Ka-28 helicopters but we are now looking for ways to use it on other types of aircraft, including the Mi-14,” Rusakov said.

    The Zagon-2 antisubmarine corrected air bomb is designed to engage submarines on the sea surface, under periscope and deep down.

    When dropped on underwater targets the 120-kilogram Zagon-2 bomb descends on a parachute, which is released at the moment the bomb splashes down. The bomb then sinks down under gravitational g-force and is steered towards the target by active sonar target location and  a motion control system.

    The Zagon-2 is 150 centimeters long and able to detect enemy subs 450 meters away cruising at depths of up to 600 meters.

    It can also be dropped from Il-38 and Tu-42M anti-submarine planes.

    Dubbed as “a killer of submarines” the Mil Mi-14 is a nuclear-capable shore-based amphibious helicopter armed with a torpedo, twelve 64kg or eight 120kg depth bombs.

    The Mi-14 can also carry a 1 kiloton nuclear anti-submarine bomb weighting 1,600kg, capable of scuttling any underwater target within a radius of 800 meters.

    The Mi-14 features a watertight weapons bay allowing internal carriage of a single torpedo or eight depth charges, and search radar fitted under its nose.

    The Mi-14 gained its nickname of “a killer of submarines” in the late 1980s when it found and sank a NATO sub which had strayed into Soviet territorial waters.

    Under strong pressure from the United States, all of Russia’s Mi-14 helicopters were decommissioned in 1996.

    With the Russian Navy undergoing massive re-equipment, the Defense Ministry plans to renew the production of Mi-14 nuclear-capable amphibious anti-submarine helicopters in Kazan.


    Russia to Renew Production of Mi-14 Nuclear-Capable Anti-Sub Helicopters
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      Now NO NEGOTIATIONS. That's how west found out about the bubbles bombs? That the whole things just dissapear.
      Wait that was for ships. maybe it could be arranged for subs too.

      Time to device explosives without need of nukes.
      making all nukes serious last resort.
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      By now the wests may have advanced their subs beyond the Mi-14 capability while it was in decommissioned. Inactives for these many years, unless works continued, very sure things are not the same.
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      slimyfoxin reply topeaceactivist2(Show commentHide comment)
      peaceactivist2, With all this latest amazing advancements in Russian military technology in my opinion the new Mi-14 would be packed with latest technical marvels and it would be made to counter the most advanced Russian submarines which are temporary outperforming USA. However USA are building new super submarine and they should know what is better in Russian so they will probably make really super sub only that taking in account F-22 and F-35 costs of development I am afraid I believe these new subs if they will be close to their description might be really called black hole as they will absorb all USA industry and make it disappear.
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      good to read about.
    • boroser1502
      Agression against Russia is the most dangerous idea of

      all time. For many years, we are witness of anti- russian

      propaganda of lying against Russia.

      But people all around the world like and love Russia!

      People all around the world like peace and legally.

      People all around the world like Russia!
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