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    Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov

    Chechnya's Kadyrov to Sputnik: 'I Always Dreamt of Becoming Free Man'

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    Chechen acting leader Ramzan Kadyrov confessed in an interview with Sputnik he had always dreamed of becoming a "free man."

    GROZNY (Sputnik) — Earlier, Kadyrov told Sputnik he had spent "half his life managing" and would like to live differently.

    "I was first thinking of becoming a businessman. I won't, everything is always taken away from him. Back then I was too little. I have always wanted to be a free man. And if I was told that I would be going to work, I would despise [the one who said that]. To be a police officer, a civil servant, I did not understand any of this at all," Kadyrov said.

    According to Kadyrov, 39, he wanted to earn his living as his ancestors did.

    "They were free-spirited people with only one problem — they studied religion. That’s why they were not given freedom. Nevertheless, they had good normal lives — [they owned] livestock, vegetable gardens. They lived off the land, the food was always delicious, they had clothes, a good house. However, nobody ever was a civil service employee," Kadyrov outlined.

    The Chechen leader told of his uncle who had been born with a cerebral palsy (CP) and his grandfather who had never received any social benefits or a pension for his disabled son.

    "He [the grandfather] claimed it was God’s gift, a test. He did not ask anyone for assistance," the Chechen republic’s head said.

    The Chechen leader also said that he did not want his sons to be involved in politics, but rather go into the army.

    "I will keep telling them that they are not allowed [getting into politics]. Let them do whatever they wish, but I always told them and will continue doing so: those who are getting involved in politics, they aren't smart people. It is a very diffictult [job], a huge responsibility," Kadyrov told Sputnik.

    Speaking about his sons’ military career, Kadyrov stressed that he did not want them to hold leading positions.

    "Not commanders, just related to military. So that they could protect their rights, guarantee a comfortable life, they must be sure of what they do <…> The rest is all up to them," the Chechen leader said.

    Kadirov added that he had already been providing his sons with some military experience, sending them to a training range so that they can shoot.


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