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    The  Salvador Dali graffiti on Mytnaya Street in Moscow

    Moscow Graffiti Sells Out: Advertisers Use Street Art to Peddle Products

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    Graffiti in Russia's capital has long ceased to be associated with mischievous urban malcontents; now it's being assessed by the city's advertising firms as an alternative way to reach consumers.

    Graffiti in Moscow has already evolved into a contemporary art form, one that has been harnessed by commercial and social advertisers in the Russian capital, according to RT.

    Moscow street artist Stas Dobriy told RT that "what we currently see on the city's walls and fences reflects the current events in Russia." He said that he does not like graffiti-style advertising and he supports the idea of "clean facades."

    In a separate interview with RT, Vladimir Yevstafyev of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration explained why society had decided to perceive graffiti in a different way.

    "Every epoch gives us its own innovations in the field of visual tools and techniques. 100 years ago, for example, everyone was excited about Czech Art Nouveau painter and decorative artist Alfons Mucha," he said.

    Yevstafyev added that "now the graffiti style is duly esteemed by the younger generation, and they never see graffiti as a rebellious or vandalistic art," he said.

    Russia, Moscow, Pechatnikov lane. Zukclub production. Безумное чаепитие. #артфасад #artfasade #zukclub

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    Drawing graffiti on the facade of a building does not require any special permission from the city authorities, according to Eduard Korolev, deputy head of Moscow's department of media and advertising.

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    Russia, Moscow, Pechatnikov lane. Zukclub production. Безумное чаепитие. #артфасад #artfasade #zukclub

    Фото опубликовано #Артфасад- рисунки на домах! (@artfasad) Май 23 2015 в 12:41 PDT

    "Such a document is unnecessary. What you need is the consent of the owner of the building," he said.

    Сальвадор / Salvador Мытная, 27

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    Interestingly, a few days ago a graffiti-style portrait of prominent Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali appeared on the facade of a house on Mytnaya Street in central Moscow. The graffiti was painted by a local artist who goes by the nickname "Zoom".


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